/ Bouldering near Glenmore Lodge - need some advice

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Ben Proudlove on 20 May 2013 -
Hi all,

I am going down to Glenmore Lodge next week for a course and will have some time in the evenings to get out and boulder hopefully. I have spent a good deal of time up that way, but never for bouldering. I live in North Wales so don't know the places anything like as well...

I go at about V4/5 outside...

Could anyone point me in the right direction. I have transport...

Really appreciate it,

Joe G - on 20 May 2013
In reply to Ben Proudlove:
There are the wee crags on the side of the Ciste Gully... nice wander up from the Lodge and west facing so catch the evening sun. There will still be some snow in the gully, I don't think enough to affect the bouldering but plenty to bury a couple of bottle of beer for when you've finished
gaz.marshall - on 20 May 2013
The best bouldering close to the lodge is the Link Road Boulder, just below the top car park at the ski centre. Depending on how far you're willing to drive/walk there's Burnside Wall just outside Aviemore (get someone working at the lodge to tell you where that is, it's tricky to find!) and the two areas at Laggan.

Think there'll be UKC database info for most of them, or just google and use the Boulder Scotland website.
Ben Proudlove on 20 May 2013 -
Awesome - thank you - a few options there...

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.