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Pids - on 24 Apr 2012
Dumbarton council are asking for applications to improve the area for residents - note the part on floodlights for Dumby Castle.

Any residents of Dumbarton want to make a case for funding to clean up the area for climbers - skips / council cleaning task force ?

Needs to be a resident of Dumbarton though :-

Community groups and residents in Dumbarton are being invited to submit ideas to West Dunbartonshire Council on how to spend money held in the Dumbarton Common Good Fund account.

The council is keen to hear suggestions from voluntary groups, new or established groups and residents within Dumbarton by Friday, 29 June.

Following consultation with Elected Members in the Dumbarton ward, several ideas which have been identified to date including:
• Sporting changing facilities on Dumbarton Common;
• Dumbarton Castle Lights;
• Play park areas;
• Investment in community run services/projects; and
• Safety measures in specified areas

Project ideas will only be considered where the money will be used to benefit residents of Dumbarton.

Stephen West, Head of Finance and Resources said: "We would encourage Dumbarton groups and residents to contact the Council with their ideas on how we should spend the money held in the Common Good Fund. The fund was set up to benefit the residents of Dumbarton so all ideas must meet this criteria."

Further details and advice is available from the Council's Finance department on 01389 737839.
unknownclimber6 - on 01 May 2012
In reply to Pids:

surely by the council putting in safety measures round dumby would attract more climbers and make existing climbers go more (such as my mate, girlfriend and myself, as we were attacked by youths a few weeks back on my birthday climb 7 of them also through bottles and assaulted another climber) which may not directly effect dumbarton locals but indirectly because when i go to dumby i pay for the train, stock up on munchies from asda of morrisons, mcdonalds for lunch and kebab for dinner :D so more money is being spent in the area.

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