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rydott123 on 02 Mar 2013 -
Hey all. About 2 montha ago i pulled a pulley and thought nothing of it. Carried on climbi g for nearly a month (stupid i know) i didnt know what injury it was at the time so carried on.iv stoped climbing for nearly a month now and it is slowly improvig but i still cant do a pull up without the pain. Is this normal? What is the normal rwcovery time? When is it classed safe to atart back on the wall?

Advise would be great. Thanks
moo on 03 Mar 2013
womblesi on 03 Mar 2013
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I have always used this advice and found it pretty helpful.

Good luck
alanlgm on 03 Mar 2013 -
I knackered a tendon that run from my finger all the way to my elbow on dec28th

I knew it was a bad one and stopped climbing. I climbed for an hour on relatively easy routes 2 weeks ago and it throbbed for 2 days after. I am only now thinking off trying again 9 weeks after the initial injury.

The trouble with tendon injuries is that they take ages to heal and if you climb on them before ey are ready it makes them exponentially worse.

The four letter word climbers fear so much

REST. And lots of it I would say if you want to make sure you don't do any lasting team age I wouldn't think of climbing for a couple more months.

As far as treatments go other than resting, icing definitely works
gingerwolf - on 03 Mar 2013
ColinVern - on 03 Mar 2013
In reply to alanlgm: Completely agree! I knackered my middle finger over a month ago and it still twinges if I put too much weight on it. If it hurts, don't climb!
rydott123 on 03 Mar 2013 -
In reply to rydott123: thanks for all the info guys. Blog spot and advise has helped alot! Think i need to take a couple more weeks off and gradually get back into it when i can feel no pain at al bending it. So gutting not be able to climb though!

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