/ Rock/bouldering site near Windsor/Egham areas

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chengluo on 07 Apr 2012 -

I am new to this site. Just want to know whether there are any outdoor/indoor for bouldering? I am a beginner of rock climbing. Had climbed couple of 4+/5- routes in Finland. Just moved to this area. So want to go back to the rock during summer. Wish to get some recommends for the locations.

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Paul Bishopp on 03 May 2012
In reply to chengluo: Hi - cannot believe no-one has replied to you.Only just read your post.I used to live near where you are in Ascot.My son and I went to the Climb in Amersham and also the climbing wall at Guilford university.They are both great places.Amersham also adjoins a swimming pool ! Hope this helps
RobertHepburn - on 04 May 2012
Indoors I would go for craggy island in Guildford, and if you can make the trip craggy island in Sutton, which is bouldering only. If you are ever in London then the arch at London bridge is also a bouldering only wall.

Outdoors there the closest is the southern sandstone bouldering at places like stone farm and Harrisons rocks, near tunbridge wells. However it needs a couple of dry days to be dry enough to climb, probably longer at the moment given the never-ending rain fronts.
Further away is the fantastic gritstone bouldering, at places like burbage south boulders up near Sheffield. Further away but really worth the trip - lots more rock, much nicer to climb, and they dry in about an hour after rain.

A quick google or ukc search of any of the wall or crag names should bring up details.

Hope the weather gets better for you,

RBlack101 on 04 May 2012 - whois?
In reply to chengluo: I climb at Reading Climbing Centre and that offers a really good facility.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.