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South Lambeth Road- First Route?

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 Kdwagg 26 Jul 2020

My friends and I have just recced a new set of routes on South Lambeth Road. 

Within easy road access (on private land, but open to the public) is a set of stone features. There are two parallel "walls" made up of large stone blocks with a 1 ft gap between them. 

It is possible to traverse the full length of the both sets of blocks V0-1.
Harder routes are available including large mantles and gap climbing. 

It is recommended to have a boulder mat as falls are straight onto the concrete/ stone. 

Pictures posted here: https://imgur.com/gallery/zn8Jvv2

FULL REPORT on various climbs COMING SOON. 

 Kdwagg 30 Jul 2020

Went there and set a few new routes but after 40 mins residents got annoyed and "called the police". 

Slabs are concrete and tend to ruin your shoes. 


- Pain in the bum. V2


- Through route. V0


-Around the back V1.


- Sliding in the crack V1.


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 trouserburp 30 Jul 2020
In reply to Kdwagg:

What on earth were they expecting to happen! 


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