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John Willson - on 03 Aug 2012
It is apparent that some people are taking a short cut across the field from the Lancaut Lane parking area. The padlocked gate and its post have partially collapsed. This may or may not have resulted from climbers climbing over it, but it gives everyone a perfect opportunity to point the finger.

This short cut crosses various categories of private land for which there is no permission, and may create yet further problems for this access-sensitve crag.

Please use the correct approach described in the 2007 Lower Wye Valley guidebook, the new South West Climbs, and the UKC crag logbook (i.e. clockwise round the outside of the fence surrounding the field). This was a great improvement on the original approach from the bottom of Lancaut Lane. It takes very little more time than crossing the field and it appears to be satisfactory to all parties.

Please use any opportunity to spread this message, and contact the BMC (Rob Dyer) or the local access rep (Rick Sewards) if problems are encountered.

Murd on 03 Aug 2012
In reply to John Willson:
Thank's for the clarification.
I like climbing - on 04 Aug 2012
In reply to John Willson: thanks, good point. Anyone know how vegetated / overgrown it is at the moment ?
ilikemonkys - on 04 Aug 2012
In reply to I like climbing: Headed there last Sunday all climbs are great, long trousers are recommend though for the walk in few brambles and nettles but all manageable
John Willson - on 04 Aug 2012
In reply to ilikemonkys: Yes, largely (again!) thanks to Gary's (cleaning and re-equipping) efforts, the crag is beginning to get enough use to keep the veg down a bit despite the poor summer. The nettles are, of course, seasonal; the brambles a bit more persistent. If you can, take a pair of secateurs with you and do your bit! The agreement with Natural England permits cutting back brambles.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.