/ Birds nesting at Rivelyn

BlueTotem on 12 May 2018

Beware of the barn owl living in the offwidth of Kremlin Krack (HVS 5a) at  Rivelin Edge. It burst out into my face as I entered the wide crack above the easy section at the bottom.  A bird's nest was seen higher up at the back of the crack.

Cake on 13 May 2018
In reply to BlueTotem:

If you put the same note on the logbook for Kremlin Crack also, it might be seen by prospective climbers. I'm sure no one would want to disturb it/them.

Offwidth - on 13 May 2018
In reply to BlueTotem:

We had a similar experience at Chatsworth once. The volume of crap the owl discharged in anger had to be seen to be beleived. It largely missed us but I wouldn't wish a hit on anyone. I'll post on RAD (iits much better to post there than add to the logbooks or post here).

BlueTotem on 14 May 2018
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