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Wayne.Gaudin - on 04 Apr 2018

Cheddar Gorge South

There doesn't seem to be an access calendar for Cheddar this year.

Or is it user error on my part?

Going on previous years, the south side should be open now the bank holiday is over?

Rob Dyer, BMC - on 04 Apr 2018
In reply to Wayne.Gaudin: Hi Wayne, I updated the access calendar yesterday on the BMC site and there are links to it on the RAD page here:


Rob Dyer

BMC Access & Conservation Officer (England)


Wayne.Gaudin - on 04 Apr 2018
In reply to Rob Dyer, BMC:

Thanks! I looked the day before that .....

In reply to Rob Dyer, BMC:

Nice one Rob.

Incidentally my RAD App updated to the new version whilst I was out in the States, only just used it and I must say I'm impressed - it's a significant improvement! We should get a news item up about it (which I'll get in touch about separately).

Fakey Rocks - on 12 Apr 2018
In reply to Rob Dyer, BMC:

I might have misunderstood something but it seems there are several problems.... Looking at Ukc Cheddar South ukc overview page... Approach notes etc

The text in blue that says...

The 2014 Cheddar Access calendar....Does download a 2018 calendar, but before you look would have you believe it's out of date and as of 2014.

Beneath that, you can click an orange box that says restricted access, click for more info... The info suggests the dates change from year to year, but says, in 2 places, you can download a calendar by clicking "here", but both "here" boxes take you to a page that is bmc admin Web page and needs an email address and password.

This is text copied from the info on the BMC's own website, the RAD Web page, and the 2 "here" links there also just take you to the same BMC admin login page, instead of enabling the calendar download .

This is what I then posted in the comments box there...

What a palava!

Links on ukc and BMC to rad take me to a page asking for my email address + password, what if I don't have it to hand? What if I don't even know which of my email addresses you want?

Eventually found a link that starts downloading Rad then tells me I can't open it. Go to bmc website, sent in circles by links repeatedly taking me to the new RAD app news and I'm supposed to download it... But no space on my phone.

Eventually get on BMC rad web page, but it's mostly blocked by a dialogue box trying to force me to download the app,...the box doesn't have a close it cross.  I click "get started", expecting the app to start trying its download, but instead, I get what I want, and the box closed. I can now see the Rad page OK, but it's minute, i.e. NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY at all, but perhaps that's not possible?

I try to post comments to highlight all these issues, I hit submit, it vanishes and asks me to log in, or I can start again and post anonymously. I start again, typing my issues in another app so it can't be lost....

Rob, the link you have posted above, has the same problem with the "here" calendar download links....?

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Fakey Rocks - on 12 Apr 2018
In reply to Rob Dyer, BMC:

Re High Rock, + the fenced off parking bays section of high rock, with signs on it saying warning, loose rock,  spoke to the rock scaling team a few weeks ago when they were working on areas closer to the shops, and was informed climbers are allowed access here so long as no scaling work is taking place, and that they weren't working in that area anyway, (obviously with regard to overriding rules of access calendar).

Many climbers may not realise this, can we have some confirmation please?

Whilst climbing there, before and during, I kindly stood the plastic barriers up to deter people walking through, but 50% seemed to ignore their presence until the muddiness of the path changed their minds. I walked over and explained the purpose of the fence and was ignored. The path along the earth mound won't always be muddy.... people ignoring the plastic barrier mostly stayed on the tarmac, but still in the area fenced that  was meant to make them walk around the outside of it!

Whilst climbing, we broke a hold on Shaking, it was big, it hasn't affected the route, but it might have broke my neck if not my helmet had I not been stood to the side.


Fakey Rocks - on 25 Apr 2018
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Thanks Rob, I see the download " here" links are now fixed.

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