Cheddar Access at risk...

At tonight’s (29th April) BMC SW area meeting, Mark Courtiour, our Somerset access rep, expressed concern about people climbing where they shouldn’t. The access here is subject to an agreement as to where we can climb and when. Full details can be found on the BMC regional access database and more information is in this article's,special%20is%20an%20huge%20understatement.&text=But%20access%20to%20the%20south,landowner%2C%20Cheddar%20Caves%20%26%20Gorge.

Cheddar Gorge South

Yes, the agreement is complicated, but Mark has put up signs which climbers have ignored. If we continue to ignore the restrictions, there is a real risk that we will lose our enhanced summer access – if we want to keep things simple, we could just go back to “you can only climb in winter...” So, if we want to continue to climb in the gorge over the summer and on into 2022 it is VITAL that everyone sticks to the agreement, please follow the rules and, if you see anyone else breaking them, please politely explain why they should not.


Mark Kemball (BMC SW area chair).

In reply to Mark Kemball:

Bump. Important for anyone going to Cheddar over the Bank Holiday weekend.

 GrahamD 30 Apr 2021
In reply to Mark Kemball:

Important full stop.

In reply to Mark Kemball:

I totally agree, people need to check the access and respect the agreement on the South side. It's much better for both parties (climbers and land owners).

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