Club Huts: Easing Restrictions

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This afternoon, The Great Leader should confirm a further easing of Covid restrictions from next Monday, 17th May. One of the major changes will be that two different households will be allowed to mix indoors.

At the moment, use of climbing club huts is severely constrained by the need to leave a three day gap between bookings, which I understand  was insisted upon by the providers of BMC insurance. Consequently, most clubs appear to be limiting bookings (for single households) to weekends.

However, once  Households A and B are allowed to mix indoors, it would seem completely illogical to insist that if Household A vacates the hut on Sunday, Household B can't assume possession on Monday.

Does anyone know if the BMC are planning to change their advice on hut use accordingly with effect from next Monday?

 PaulTanton 12 May 2021
In reply to Andy Clarke:

good question. I hope the BMC are getting their policy sorted on this. TBH I’m not sure how much use huts have had since single, family/household, have been allowed. I’d imagine most hut users, outside of COVID, are single mixed household groups.

In reply to Andy Clarke:

I'm keeping an eye on when the Welsh government allows mixed groups as our club hut is under their jurisdiction.

In reply to Andy Clarke:

The three-day gap between bookings has felt ridiculous for months now, a hangover from when contact transmission was believed to be an issue and folk weren't opening their post for a week in case it was infected. Reasonable levels of cleaning need to be enforced (perhaps always an issue in club huts though) and ventilating when the new group arrives seem like reasonable measures rather than a time gap.

Out of interest, do you know of any clubs going down a vaccination passport route for their hut users?

In reply to rj_townsend:

I agree the three-day gap has felt increasingly ridiculous, but I guess the BMC was hamstrung by the insistence of its insurers upon it. I know the CC was very surprised that they were expected to maintain this gap. I am assuming there must be a BMC plan in place, agreed with the insurers, for how hut use can develop in line with the progressive easing of restrictions, and they simply haven't publicised it.

I haven't heard of any clubs going down the vaccination passport route for hut use. I wouldn't feel this was necessary, personally, and I can't see how it would be monitored. The closest I can think of is a recent Alpine Club day meet that asked all attendees to take a lateral flow test beforehand.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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