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Huntsham parking blocked

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 Tom Loughlin 02 Jul 2020

Huntsham Crags
Planned on visiting huntsham today and all the usual parking spots on the verges down from the turning place have been blocked by substantial felled tree branches - this is clearly a deliberate attempt to restrict parking by a local. Might be worth knowing if you were thinking of heading there this weekend as there is no other easily accessible parking spot I’m aware of and parking in the turning circle is forbidden. 

In reply to Tom Loughlin:

Do you know it's a local?  Councils sometimes block parking in that way.

 Tom Loughlin 03 Jul 2020
In reply to Neil Williams:

Can’t be sure, might be a local council in that case. Presumably whoever owns/ operates the woodland there. Nonetheless it is a localised response and demonstrates people aren’t happy. It’s probably not about climbers specifically. I have also recently seen cars parked on the (no parking) bit opposite the turning circle being leafletted with ‘well done for parking like a tw*t’ posters under their wipers: presumably not the council. Either way if you’re headed that way then you might want a backup plan.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.