/ Lakes Area: Rescue bolts, fixed gear & drytooling.

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Martin Kocsis, BMC on 19 Jun 2012 -
The next BMC Lakes Area gathering takes place at The Stickle Barn, Langdale on Tuesday 3rd July @ 8pm.

Apart from the usual news, views and updates the local MR team will be there to discuss the proposal for rescue bolts on Sharp Edge, as well as the installation of fixed gear on the "death trap" of Broad Stand.

With the recent development of various dry toling venues around the region, we are hoping that Steve Ashworth will be there to explain, promote and answer questions about the sites.

The meeting starts at 8pm to give you time to get some climbing done first. The BMC's new president (Swanage trad guy & serial Sicilian bolter) Scott Titt will also be there along with Rob Dyer, the BMC's access guru.

Needless to say there will be free chips and butties for everyone, bring your mates.

The Agenda is here:
Martin Kocsis, BMC on 25 Jun 2012 -
In reply to Martin Kocsis, BMC: Attendance by the local dry tooling team has been confirmed.
BelleVedere on 29 Jun 2012
In reply to Martin Kocsis, BMC:

free food you say?

think i could make it for that
Martin Kocsis, BMC on 02 Jul 2012 -
In reply to BelleVedere: Free food I do say...come on and join in the bunfight.
simondgee - on 05 Jul 2012
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Sadly no Dry Tool Team or Scott Titt
but the good news more food for the rest...very good too
thanks for the meet.
Summary of the hot stuff
Keswick MRT provided info on the wish/intent place rescue anchors below sharp edge. many very valid points raised but in summary it was felt that this had nothing to do with fixed protection 'policy' in the lakes and the anchors would be so far from any mountain route walk/scramble that they had no impact on the ethics and aesthetics of mountain environment (and pretty much were outside BMC normal remit). They would help to assure the safety of MRT in conducting rescues at a blackspot where stretcher lowers are regularly required and are currently dependent upon increasingly more unstable rock/anchors. Vast majority supported the placement. Only real contentious issue was that this vote should go back to national committee for approval at it was unclear why this was neccesary...the dust settled on this with assurance on the specific phrases to be used.
Bird Bans raised as being too excessive. Explanation of the process and ethos appeased most (with the arrival of food a catalyst to moving on). A subjective interpreation(me) would be, how this progresses is sensitive to all and 2013 may reflect mood of the meeting.
Food arrived.
Can't remember anything else worth posting....
MarkDavies36 on 06 Jul 2012
In reply to simondgee: Bolts on Broad Stand? What was the result?
simondgee - on 06 Jul 2012
In reply to MarkDavies36:
It was missed on the agenda first of all but when revisited it was late so as far as I remember it was a a non-event, since there was nobody actually proposing an installation...I think it was a rumour (and possibly a ruse to promote participation at the meeting). The view was that if it was for BG rounders to provide rope security that this is done through usual supporter assistance and would include a small rack along with the the rope so there is little likelihood of it being something of 'need'. I think this is an accurate reflection.

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