Meikle Ross parking

 DaveHK 22:24 Mon

We climbed at Meikle Ross yesterday and there were very few spots to park in the area described in Lowland Outcrops. I don't suppose it ever gets busy but several obvious places have been blocked off with rocks or rope and I wondered if this was new or situation normal.


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 Mike-W-99 08:09 Tue
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Don’t remember there being problems the last few times we visited but that’d be a couple of years now.

Have never actually seen anyone else climbing there though , I do like the place and it has the best write ups in the history section of lowland outcrops.

don’t know if you saw John Biggars Galloway climbing site?

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I can't remember if bits were roped off (I think they possibly were) last time I visited a number of years ago. Parking on the grass verge never caused any problems as long as you were off the farm track. John Biggar is probably the person to contact if you aren't sure, there is also a fairly active facebook group called Galloway climbers that would be able to give a more updated answer. 

As above, the history about the lighthouse is really interesting too (murder and mystery).

Its a great little crag for a mini adventure! What routes did you get on?

 DaveHK 15:01 Tue
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>  Its a great little crag for a mini adventure! What routes did you get on?

We just ticked the classics at Little Zawn. I'd been there before but it was last century!

 spenser 21:07 Tue
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The farm at the end of the road changed hands around August 2018 I think (I ran a joint CC/ Oread meet there and we had problems getting parked up due to the new boulders).

In reply to DaveHK:

we were there saturday with two other teams, one climbing, one fishing, the farmer has quite rightly fenced off and placed boulders around areas that were previously used for parking and restrict access for tractor and trailer. There is space at the gate where the footpath starts for 2 or 3 cars certainly no more. There is also a layby on the track suitable for 1 vehicle. Although its not that popular its probably not a venue for large groups unless you cycle in or ferry people in 2 vehicles from further up the road.

 Mike-W-99 21:43 Tue
In reply to spenser:

Just checked, it was september 2018 that we last visited. Place to ourselves so wouldnt have noticed any parking issues.

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