Road closures - Froggatt, Padley, Millers Dale

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The National Trust has announced some road closure dates for ash tree removal work in the Peak. If you're lucky enough to be getting out to these places over the next few weeks, take note.

A625 Froggatt Road from 25th January for 16 days

Road closed  8.30am – 4pm from the laybys at Froggatt edge bend to the top of Moorlands lane. Access to Moorlands Lane from the south will not be restricted. The laybys by the Grouse will be unaffected, as will Hey Wood cp. There may be some disruption to the laybys on the corner at Froggatt Edge.

B6521 Grindleford Road 22nd Feb – 26th February 

Road closed 8.30am – 4pm from the junction with Hathersage road (just past Fox House) to Tedgeness Road. Access to Tedgeness Road from Grindleford will not be restricted. Parking at Padley will be closed, and there will be no access to the layby at Yarncliffe Quarry.

Footpaths won't be closed, but there will be signs warning people of the work and bankspeople checking the area is clear before felling. 

Millers Dale - road to Litton Mill, from the Anglers Pub - 3 weeks beginning 1st February

Closed to non-residents Monday to Friday during daylight hours.  NT is also asking walkers and climbers to stay away from this area if they can, so that they can get the work done as quickly as possible, as there is a lot of work to do in this area.

What’s happening?

Approximately 4000 ash trees need to be felled in January and February 2021 across the Trust’s land in the Peak. In a normal year tree felling work would begin in October, but has been delayed by COVID restrictions this year, so more needs to be done in a shorter time.

Ash Die Back weakens the tree's structure from the inside, often with few external indications that anything is wrong. This hollowing makes them extremely prone to uprooting and therefore unsafe to be around. The Trust is removing trees that pose a public safety risk around roads and paths.

Other landowners and Highways teams are also trying to catchup on this work throughout the Peak District (and presumably elsewhere) before spring and bird nesting. Disruption from roadside tree works may be a widespread thing in the National Park and wider area until early March this year.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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