/ Subluminal bird restrictions?

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teh_mark on 09 Apr 2012
Having just read the thread on bird restrictions on Boulder Ruckle, I went and checked out Subluminal on the BMC site as I might be heading there later this week. They say that:
'The restriction applies east of Scotsman Chimney to the start of Traverse of the Gods.'

...but I only have the Rockfax guide and neither route is in there...and although I can find Traverse of the Gods on the UKC crag page, I can't find Scotsman Chimney anywhere. Can anyone shed some light on it? Does it affect any of the interesting bits of Subluminal?

(I'm not very familiar with Swanage, as you can tell!)
Ed Babs - on 10 Apr 2012
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The climbs at Subluminal in the Rockfax guide are unaffected by bird restrictions - both Scotsman Chimney and Traverse of the Gods are further east.

Hope the weather holds for you - it has started well today.

MDR61 on 10 Apr 2012
In reply to teh_mark: As stated before mate nothing on the main part of Sub is affected.
There are two main areas of the cliff and both are accessed by separate abs in (one down high st, and one down freda).You can get all the way along the ledge, but in some places the gaps are large and feel a bit spicy! (don't feel coy about roping up for some, I think at some stage we've all done it).
Subject to the weather the best thing to do is ab into the High Street area (which will give you a feel for Sub but in a nice safe and cosy way (with an easy route out - High st).
I would suggest High Street as a first climb (although its only a diff it's a magic route and will give you an idea what's ahead - and if it was anywhere else it would be VD).
Another good route nearby is Gangway (couple of tricky moves off the deck but then easy with loads of gear.
Some of the cliff can stay wet for quite a while after rain, and I would suggest that you stay off the wet/damp stuff as it's really dangerous.

But enjoy (and make sure you double check before you abb in (as its very easy to go into the wrong place - and sometimes hard to get out)

teh_mark on 11 Apr 2012
In reply to teh_mark:

Thanks all for the advice. The weather looks like it's improved for tomorrow now, so I think I'll head over and have a look at least, see if anything's dry. If it's forecast for showers this afternoon, will things likely dry overnight with the current weather conditions?

I've fell victim to finding things at Swanage before (in this case an entire crag - the guidebook description for getting to Cattle Troughs can be surprisingly unhelpful if you're new to the area, and it sheer luck that we found it when we did!).

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