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Wonko The Sane on 24 Jun 2012 - whois?
I'm going through my Youtube songs and it's funny, I've realised I diarise everything through songs!

I never even realised I did it, but for instance there's songs assosciated with work, songs associated with certain times and others with relationships!

A quick history:
Beats international. Dub be good to me
Morcheeba, Rome wasn't built in a day
Madison Avenue, Don't call me baby. Great memories with this one.
Justin Curry, this side of the morning.
Day we caught the train, another fave.
Change your mind, Sister Hazel
Frightened Rabbit. Keep yourself warm.
(possibly the best verse of a song ever:
I'm drunk, I'm drunk
And you're probably on pills
If we both got the same diseases
It's irrelevant, girl
In the room is the steam
It evaporates, disappears
My point of entry is the same way
That I'll leave
Can you see in the dark?
Can you see the look on your face?
The flashing white light's been turned off
You don't know know who's in your bed
It takes more than f*cking someone you don't know
To keep warm
Do you really think that for a house beat
You'll find your love in a hole?)
Short skirt, long jacket.
Puddle of Mudd, she f*cking hates me. (cheers me up no end this song!)

Obviously I've missed out hundreds and on a different day it would be a different diary......

But what's yours?
Daithi O Murchu on 24 Jun 2012 -
In reply to Wonko The Sane:

Start life as a bastard ( many think i still am)

Edie Grant Electric Avenue - (My first reccord I actualy bought, it was on behalf of my mum for the aerobics class she gave - Think Erik Prydz meets 1970s Dublin lycra stylie, pfhwarrrr)

Adam Ant - stand and deliver (How my life of crime began perhaps)

Prince - Adore - (Love catches up on us all)

Come me little Son - (parenthood, steadied my ships course)

Billy Brag - Tank park salute (Knowing loss)

Smashing Pumpkins - (gaining back the ground)

The Verve - Lucky Man ( knowing i have so much)

Pergon - The deliver (Headstong)

Funci Porcini - Its a long road (middel aged , as much time left as ive allready had - awesome!!)

Wonko The Sane on 24 Jun 2012 - whois?
In reply to Daithi O Murchu: See, this is the problem with song diaries, there's three in yours I've omitted and about another ten I've remembered.

I'd like to take the time to organise them all one day!

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