/ Bouldering, DWS or sport in cascais/ sintra area

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rydot123 07 Aug 2019

Hey im travelling to portugal cascais for a week then sintra for a week end of september and was wondering if anyone has any good info on the area.. i know there is alot of bouldering and sport in sintra.. any advice on how to meet people to climb with for my time there? Or anyone here possibly there by any chance? 

heleno 08 Aug 2019
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Portuguese climbers are some of the friendliest we've met anywhere, and seem delighted to welcome visiting climbers from other countries.

Cascais is much more popular than Sintra so it's good that you're going there first.  If you go on a weekend Farol de Guia will probably be buzzing with climbers, and a good chance of meeting someone to climb with.

Turning up at Sintra hoping to meet someone is less likely to work out as the crag is dispersed and less popular, but if you meet people at Cascais first, you could maybe arrange to climb with them at Sintra?

petegunn 09 Aug 2019
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We hired two pads from the guys at The Lodge whilst we were in the Sintra area for 5 or 10 euros. They do surfing, mountain biking, climbing and other activities, so there well may be people there to team up with. It might be a little hot for climbing as the season tends to be from November - March but it might be ok.

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Unfortunatlly the Smiley Face buttress at Ingrina has fallen into the sea, losing many great S0 climbs. Plenty still to go at Ponta Garcia though, which is one of the main superb areas


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