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John Grogan on 08 Aug 2013

Heading to Yosemite this September and we fly in to San Fran midday, so expect to arrive at the Valley in the evening. We intend to stay at Camp 4, but I guess we will not get a place on our late arrival. I understand that the trick is to queue very early in the morning to try and get a site. Where would be the best place to sleep before rising early to get to the check in? The Pines sites are booked out.

Thanks for your help.

Mark Collins - on 08 Aug 2013
In reply to John Grogan: I once bivied (sleeping bag only as it didn't look like rain) on the outskirts of camp 4 near Columbia boulder, to get around this issue, once it got dark. Please don't tell anyone, as I might want to go there again some day.
1poundSOCKS - on 08 Aug 2013
In reply to John Grogan: There was always a big queue early in the morning. Don't get there too early though or the rangers will ask you to leave. Having said that, both myself and my climbing partner got a spot by turning up at lunchtime, on different days, but maybe we both just got lucky.
Enty - on 08 Aug 2013
In reply to John Grogan:

Whatever time you get there ask if there's places - you could be luck like I was in 2011.
If not there will be a queue forming in September very early in the morning - 2am?

George Fisher - on 08 Aug 2013
In reply to John Grogan:
The first time I went I stayed back outside the valley at Indian Flats on the Merced road. The second time we just chucked a sleeping bag down on one of the emptier looking spots in C4. It was fine and did this a second night too as we missed sign in at the hut.

I was only there 2 nights though so didn't mind feeling a bit transient. I think the rangers are pretty switched on the the secret spots in the boulders so I figured if I was going to get moved I may as well be by the car.
John Grogan on 09 Aug 2013
Thanks for your replies, though 2 am seems more appropiate for insomniacs..

These were the replies I got from rock climbing usa

wonderwoman wrote:I just put my sleeping bag beside the check-in office and slept on the ground. We were not alone, either.

This is a crap shoot. It may work, it may not. In particular, if you try this at a reasonable hour in the evening you may get shooed away and have no-where else to stay.

My recommendation: Just before you enter YV you'll be in Stanislaus National Forest. The camping regulations there merely state that you must be > 100 feet from water. The most convenient place to crash would be at a place called Hardin Flat Road. There you'll find some campsites, and also just big turnouts where you can sleep behind your car.

From there, it's about 45 mins to drive to Camp 4.


the Valley is a police state - always has been. there is no mercy on climbers without a home. chances of just walking into Camp 4 are slim, although maybe possible when there are a lot of departures (Sun nights).

the recommendation to camp outside the national park perimeter is probably a good one - if you are arriving in the evening or late afternoon. if you are running late on time, do that and save youself some grief.

Enty - on 09 Aug 2013
In reply to John Grogan:

When I arrived I'd driven up from SF. It was about 2am. I got to camp 4, pulled into the parking and didn't see anyone waiting at the ranger hut. Result! I thought. Until I walked over and saw about a dozen people in sleeping bags behind the rocks on the footpath.
I joined the queue and when Pinky came at 8am I didn't get a place

I decided to drive out to Crane Flat after lunch, called in at Camp 4 on spec and got a pitch.

John Grogan on 09 Aug 2013
In reply to Enty:

Cheers Enty

sounds like it really is a lottery if you get in or not!

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