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James Malloch 10 Sep 2019

We're planning to meet some friends in NW Spain/Portugal for some sailing and we are going to add a week onto the trip and hire a camper van from Porto when we arrive. Will be there the last week of September so I'm aware it might be pretty warm but the current forecast is low 20's when there's a bit of cloud.

Can anyone recommend anything worth while visiting in the Porto area (up to c.3 hours drive maybe)? Some sport climbing and nice walking routes would be ideal, plus anything worth visiting / seeing.

I'm planning to do a lot of research tonight and have found a few things on here (domonic's post here was useful: https://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/rock_talk/climbing_in_portugal-689317 ) but thought I would ask as well.

Climbing wise, sport climbing with decent 6a-6b climbing and 7a-7b would be ideal.

Walking wise, something on trails up to maybe 10-15 miles would be great.

I don't really know anything about Portugal so any information would be hugely appreciated!

dunnyg 10 Sep 2019
In reply to James Malloch: If you fancy a bit of a change, the surfing is supposed to be good round there.


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