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betathief - on 14:38 Thu


over the next couple of weeks we will be driving up from Tarifa in Spain and hugging the coast of Portugal until Lisbon. Can anyone recommend any worthwhile climbing locations en route? Climb most 6a sport or there about! Thanks, Ant and Jess

tjekel - on 17:58 Thu
In reply to betathief:

Close to Lisbon, we enjoyed Farol da Guia and Baia do Mexilhoeiro seacliffs in Cascais, and also spent a day above Sintra. All well boltet and in beautiful positions.

Get hold of a copy of the new versante sud portugal climbing guide detailing these and many more.

Mexilhoeiro topos are online only. Altogether lots of 5b-6b climbing.

andyr - on 22:47 Thu
In reply to betathief:

Contact this group for the Algarve climbing

heleno - on 20:02 Sat
In reply to betathief:

Portugal is fabulous - the Atlantic coast gives a dimension you don't get in Mediterranean sunrock destinations.

Rocha de Pena is friendly sport climbing in the Algarve. For more excitement head for Sagres for trad and sport seacliff climbing (warning, grades are tough and bolts need to be treated with caution ).

Arrabida (Sesimbra-Setubal)  has a great selection of crags in beautiful settings above the sea.

Cascais is easy access and semi urban but a real suntrap on chilly days. Sintra is beautiful but quite chilly at this time of year. Also VERY touristy!

We've found Portuguese climbers very friendly and willing to share beta. Hope you have a great time! 


dominic o - on 20:22 Sat
In reply to betathief:

 We are just coming to the end of a road trip covering much the same ground and we've thoroughly enjoyed sampling more than a dozen of the crags featured in the new guidebook mentioned above.

Check out the individual entries in our blog...

... for crag and route beta. In particular you might find some of the approach directions handy (including the occasional GPS location or trail download) - for some reason the otherwise excellent Versante Sud guide leaves you pretty much to your own devices when it comes to getting from the parking to the crag!


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