/ Céüse without a car

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Naomi VR - on 15 Jun 2017
Me and my boyfriend are planning a two week climbing trip to France but unfortunately neither of us has a drivers license.. :/
Has anyone ever been to Céüse without a car? Is it possible to get from the Airport to the climbing area? And how far are the campsites from the crags?
Ged Desforges - on 15 Jun 2017
In reply to Naomi VR:

Once you're at the campsite at les guerins, you're fine. Train to Gap then a taxi is probably your best bet. Once there, you walk from the camping to the crag. It'd be easy to get a lift down to gap every few days for food etc, always be people driving down if you ask around in the campsite.

If you get sick of ceuse or the weather gets bad then orpierre is easily reached and all within walking distance once there
Ciro - on 15 Jun 2017
In reply to Naomi VR:

If you get the train to Gap, it's about 20km to Ceuse. Hitching is still quite a common way to get around in that part of France - several times I picked up locals when driving down to town - so you could do that, although you'd need to hitch out for food shopping on rest days as well.

The campsite is at the end of the road, so the approach is the same for everyone - an hour's slog up a steep trail on your first day, if you're fit and you stash all your gear at the crag, you can do it in half an hour or so on subsequent days.
mark_chal - on 15 Jun 2017
In reply to Naomi VR:

I spent about 3 weeks in ceuse without a car 2 summers ago. I was going to meet a friend out there who couldn't make it in the end. It's actually quite easy. I caught the train to gap and hitched to the campsite. Normally you can find someone going to town on a rest day/hitch to and from the campsite (you just have to accept it may take a while.) Taxis are pretty expensive from gap to the campsite so unless you arrive at a reasonably early time it would probably be best to stay in gap the night when you arrive (I thought I'd hitch or get a taxi when I arrived late on and it was a bad idea.) Bear in mind it is quite a walk from the station/town centre to the edge of town where you hitch from (I had a very heavy bag which was not pleasant)
James Malloch - on 15 Jun 2017
In reply to Naomi VR:

Go to decathlon in Gap (near the station) and you'll probably find a climber to grab a lift off.

That was my tactic and it took 2 minutes to find someone. Though it was raining so more people may have been there...

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