/ Do you need double ropes for Frey (Cerro Catedral)

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BoulderyDave - on 16 Nov 2012
Hi - has anyone been to Frey (Cerro Catedral - Argentina), I was wondering if we would get away with 1 80m single rope or if we need to take the 50m half ropes?

Mainly concerned about rapping. I have checked and most of the climbs seem to be bolted every 30m or so

Obviously it is going to save quite a bit of space if we only have to take 1 rope instead of 3 (we need the 80m for Piedra Parada and the sports routs).

Thanks in advance
Al Walker - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to BoulderyDave: I was there in january 2009 and my guidebook that I bought at that time shows many 20 - 30m abs off the back of the pinnacles. I cannot comment at all if anything has changed, you may have far more up to date information. However I did find fellow climbers very friendly. We fancied a crack route and the folk camping next door to us lent us 6 cams of the correct size after about 30 minutes of discussion. Absolutely loved the place! After 5 weeks of travelling all over Argentina, this was the one place I wish we had spent longer at. Hope this is helpful.
maria85 - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to BoulderyDave:

I think the ability to do 40m raps should suffice on most of the routes... ask around in the campsite/refugio as the popular routes are climbed daily. I can't remember there being any really long raps (unless we joined them together), but seeing as we had a 50m half/60m single combo I wouldn't have noticed too much!

Fantastic area. Print out tops ahead of time from or buy the guide in town/in the refugio - I'd definitely recommend printing out the photo topos too though as some of the line drawings are super confusing. Photos aren't in the guidebook.

Fantastic area, would go back in a heartbeat. Let me know if you want route recommendations (on the easier end of things)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.