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rocky57 - on 20 Feb 2014
Hi everyone, after some meaningful advice on Dolomite VFs.

My initial idea is to fly into Venice Marco Polo on a Tuesday in May, drive hire car to Cortina, stay in some accommodation for three nights, VF on Wed and Thur, Fri morning back to Marco Polo and fly out. I picked Venice and Cortina for the logistical reason of meeting someone else that is coming from somewhere else, and it suited for flights (and cost!).

So anyone any advice on the location, and accommodation recommendations, also suggested VFs routes on two consecutive days.

Happy to rethink location/airport/days of the week/etc, but would appreciate good info and any reasons.

Or tell me what you did, and why.

Thanks all.
Mike-W-99 on 20 Feb 2014
In reply to rocky57:

A lot of them were still buried in July last year! However we used one of the local guides page that seemed to be kept up to date -
rocky57 - on 20 Feb 2014
In reply to Mike_Watson_99:

Thanks Mike that's just the kind of info, and link, that I'm after. so now considering Sep or through to Oct.

Where were you located? In the area that I'm looking at?

Still grateful to anyone else with any suggestions or info.
rocky57 - on 22 Feb 2014
In reply to rocky57:

A bump just in case anyone has anything else they can offer.

Thank you.
Mike-W-99 on 22 Feb 2014
In reply to rocky57:

Hi there, stayed to the south of Cortina (Borca di Cadore) in quite a swanky apartment by our standards. So a bit of driving needed each day but perfectly doable.

Previous years we stayed in Canazei & St Christina but maybe not so handy for Venice.
Larey - on 22 Feb 2014
In reply to rocky57:

These guys have great reviews
I think you can get accommodation only options, but also they would be in a position to give you advice. I think their season runs mid June to end of september
Toerag - on 24 Feb 2014
In reply to rocky57:

You'll be fine in september. Chairlifts stop running around the 20th, so go before then.
Look up Andy Lavigne's site for good info on what to do.
hms - on 24 Feb 2014
In reply to Larey:

I used Colletts for a family holiday a couple of years ago. We were all experienced climbers but had no VF knowledge at all. They were absolutely brilliant - the accommodation was good, the food was amazing, and they were very helpful with a ton of knowledge about the VFs in the area. I really couldn't recommend them highly enough!
Null on 24 Feb 2014
In reply to rocky57:

May you would be better to go to Arco - too much residual snow.
September is the best month, October is generally good.
grommet on 24 Feb 2014
In reply to rocky57:

The link toerag posted is useful showing the VF he did. A friend stayed in Corvara but any of the villages round there Colfosco, la villa, San cassiano are drivable from Venice. Arraba and falzarago are then easily reachable as is cortina. Check out the alta badia website for accommodation.
rocky57 - on 02 Mar 2014
In reply to rocky57:

Firstly, thanks one and all for the very useful replies. Certainly got more than enough info to work with now.

We have decided to now plan for mid Sept. So, I'm looking to start the ball rolling mid-March after I get back from a fortnight in spain.

Again, thanks.

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