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Amrutha - on 11 Jul 2018

I'll be taking a solo trip  from the US to the Dolomites, Italy July 27- August 25th. I'll basically be traversing the region for a month, backpacking and doing via ferratas/ climbing along the way. I The first 10 days I’ll be in the Cortina area and the last 20, I'll be backpacking the Alta Via 2 starting in Santa Magdelena. Because I LOVE climbing, I wanted to take a bunch of variations to experience some great climbs along the way. I also have a 5 day side trip to incorporate the Rosengarten area. There's a ton of amazing climbs and towers that I really didn't want to experience anything sketchy I decided to spoil myself and hire a guide for about 8 days of the trip. For the itinerary below, the days in bold are the days I have a guide.

I'd really appreciate if you can:
1.) Tell me if I'm missing anything spectacular/ have any beta & must do's for the areas listed
2.) For the days not in bold, let me know if you want to join!
3.) Tips for transportation- ie lifts, taxis (if you know any reliable companies,), and any other favorites.
I will not have gear while there as I'll be going hut to hut- I'm an experienced climber- I feel comfortable leading easier 5.11's on sport, will follow whatever on trad.  

28-Jul Venice airport > tre croci pass > rifugio vandeli at Lake sorapiss/ overnight @ rifugio Vandeli

29-Jul Sorapis circuit/via ferrata ~ overnight tbd

30-Jul Ivano Dibona Via Ferrata/ Mt. Cristalo ~ overnight tbd

31-Jul Tre Cime: via ferratas and hike~ overnight Laveredo

1-Aug Tre Cime climbing. Cassin and Spigolo Giallo

2-Aug hike to rifugio lagazooi in an interesting way/or climb in saas dacia ~ overnight @ Rifugio Lagazuoi

3-Aug giovano lipella vf to tofana di rozes summit ~ overnight @ Rifugio Giussani or Lagazuoi

4-Aug Punta Anna vf to Tofane di mezzo summit ~ overnight @ Rifugio Giussani

5-Aug Ferrata ra gussela/ Averau/Nuvolau/Passo Giau,  ~ overnight @ Averau

6-Aug Sport Climb in Cinque Torri ~ overnight @ TBD

7-Aug Col Raiser lift> Seceda> Malga Brogles> hike to Santa Magdelena and explore overnight @ Santa Maddelena

8-Aug Adolf Munkel trail> Sas Riagas> Rifugio Frienze ~ overnight @ Rifugio Frienze

9- Aug Rifugio Frienze to brigatta tridentenia via ferrata> lift to Corvara

10- Aug vf brigata tridentenia > boe/ piz boe~ overnight @ rifugio campanna fassa

11- Aug hike from boe over via del pan, cable car up marmolada, maybe via ferrata al trince.>  take taxi to sella pass or take a taxi there in the morning~ sleep here or take taxi to sella pass and sleep in sella pass

12- Aug climb something in Sella pass area> Oscar Schuster Via Ferrata> Tony Demetze~ overnight @ tony demetz

13 -Aug cinque dita climbing or something else in area > hike to alps di tires rifugio.~ overnight @ alps di tires

14- Aug laurenzi vf> antermoia Vf> or vajolet hut~ overnight @ vajolet hut

15- Aug Traverse of the Vajolet towes  (climb vajolet towers today if there is instable weather today. If not, climb towers tomorrow) overnight @ Alberto

16- Aug Climb something else awesome in the Rosengarten Area/ maybe Punta Emma and other?

17- Aug santer pass via ferrata/ roda di vael/ > ciampadie or somewhere I can hike or bus  to rejoin alta via 2

18- Aug lift or taxi to wherever I'm hiking from. Hike something interesting to rejoin the Alta via 2 bellow Conrin> continue hiking to san pelligrino

19-Aug san peligrino to to volpi mulaz

20-Aug Volpi mulaz to pradali/ via ferrata along the way

21-Aug other via feeratas in area and stay in pradalli  or treviso

22-Aug pradiali or treviso to cereda

23-Aug cereda to boz

24-Aug boz to del piaz > taxi to venice

25-Aug fly out of venice at 11:30am

Thank you!!!

Jenny C on 11 Jul 2018
In reply to Amrutha:

Sounds like an action packed month, you have some nice VFs listed there. But unless you are super fit, slot in the odd easy/rest day to give the body a chance to recover. 

Toerag - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to Jenny C:

>  But unless you are super fit, slot in the odd easy/rest day to give the body a chance to recover. 

I think the weather will ensure that happens!

To the OP - Monte Cristallo / VF Dibona - I'm not sure if the Laurenzi hut and associated yoghurt pot cablecar is open, it's been closed recently for maintenance.


beardy mike - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to Amrutha:

I'd have to agree with Jenny - unless you are the Terminator 2000, I'm not sure you are going to get that lot done! Some of the transits you are talking about from day to day are long walks. In specific doing the Cassin AND Spigolo Gialo in a day and then walking to Lagozuoi to climb that th next day followed by doing the Lipela, then down then Tofana di Mezzo, both very long routes, then expecting to walk down into the valley and back up to do Averau and Nuvolau, then descending to Giau to come back to Cinque torre, that is a really tough 6 days - the last thing you'll want to do is sport climb! Unless of course you are a total machine. I mean Ueli Steck type machine. From Tre cime to Passo Falzarego it's a long drive let alone a long walk!

I think you need to sit down and really research map in hand some of these segments because often they will be 2000m vertical in a day plus distance, plus Via Ferrata, plus weight carrying kit with no allowance for afternoon thunderstorms (it's very warm in europe at the moment let alone in a months time...) I don't want to sound like a stick in the mud but I think you're giving yoursefl too much to do and not enough time to enjoy your surroundings...

Martin Bennett - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to beardy mike:

Yes, it was the  Tre Cima rock climbing day that stood out for me. Just doing the Yellow Edge and Cassin (presumably he means the Picolissima one not Cima Ovest) in the day would be a mighty day out. I recall (from 1974 - quite a feat of memory eh?) three  of us were up and down the Yellow Edge by 2pm so theoretically time for the Cassin but I, for one, wouldn't have the energy or motivation for it on the same day.

beardy mike - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to Martin Bennett:

I can only assume when he says on the 2nd aug "hike to Rifugio Lagozuoi in an interesting way" he means take a bus, because there's no way I'd want to walk 40km the day after doing the Cassin and Spigolo Gialo!

d_b on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to beardy mike:

I don't know the exact area but I imagine being on a bus on some of those roads might be interesting.

AdamCB - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to Toerag:


> To the OP - Monte Cristallo / VF Dibona - I'm not sure if the Laurenzi hut and associated yoghurt pot cablecar is open, it's been closed recently for maintenance.


cablecar is permanently closed as we discovered when turning up to buy a ticket the other week!


jam - on 07 Aug 2018
In reply to Amrutha:

The Rifugio Kostner at the top of the Vallon chairlift (up from Piz Boe) has generously sized and frankly amazing steaks, possibly the best I've had all year.

Any of the easy ferratas at Tres Cimes will be jam packed. I was in Cortina two weeks ago, and some of our group did the 2s there, and reported waiting an hour behind hordes of Russians on a tour group.

The upper cable cars at Dibona are still closed, I verified by driving up to the first lift and checking the maps.

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