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mattphillips81 09 Jul 2019

Considering a short break to El Chorro this October, and trying to keep the price as low as is possible. (Young family currently draining every penny I earn) Flights and accommodation looks doable, but am now wondering if it is worth hiring a car from Malaga and driving, or if a train is the better option. Can anyone advise on how easy access would be from the Olive Branch. I don't mind a walk in, but don't fancy spending hours each day trekking the length of the valley. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you. 

snoop6060 09 Jul 2019
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You can get a car for 50 quid for a week. Fuel isn't much as it's not that far. An hour or so. 

The train for 4 will be a bit cheaper but not much. And the walk up the hill from the station in chorro to the OB is steep! Once there tho the crags are accessible on foot very easily. 

I'd  get a car for sure. 

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andyman666999 09 Jul 2019
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Just be careful with car hire, currently there is a scam where if you’re not careful with scratches, dings etc when you pick it up they’ll state that you caused them when you drop it off/they’ll pressure you to get the excess waiver. Would just check trip advisor before you go to get a feel for it. 

Presley Whippet 09 Jul 2019
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Get a car, I cannot imagine the price differential against 4 train tickets would buy you much more than an ice cream. The convenience of it plus being able to access the supermarket in Alora and crags/attractions outside of the gorge will be well worth it. 

Andy Chubb 09 Jul 2019
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I rented a car from Centauro. Had a large deposit held against my card but got it all back.  It was unbelievably cheap, less than £20 for a week. My mates were suspicious but I’ve used Centauro before. I also took out insurance via icarhire to protect against exhorbitant local cover. I don’t know how their business model works but I imagine you get screwed for any extras (Sat Nav etc) and totally shafted if you damage the car. Take photos of any marks! But we had no quibbles at all when we returned the car.

planetmarshall 09 Jul 2019
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I took the train and walked up to the Olive Branch with a 20kg duffel bag. That was fun.

John Cuthbert 09 Jul 2019
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From the Olive Branch you can walk to most of Las Frontales crags. Even with a car, you'd still ned to do the walk.

John C

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Whichever you prefer really - theres not much in it.

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