Hut to hut high ridge walks

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 GRUMPY MONKEY 13 Feb 2021

Hi I'm looking for recommendations for hut to hut multi-day high ridge walks. Been to the tatras, Julian alps and gr20 in corsica. Looking for similar routes that take in mountain summits, some scrambling etc. Thanks

 Route Adjuster 13 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

Pyrenees, GR10, 11 or the haute route.

 Ramblin dave 14 Feb 2021
In reply to Route Adjuster:

Second this - we've always had good experiences in the Pyrenees. Great mountains, generally decent weather, accessible walking, great food, friendly people (including surprisingly few Brits in my experience...), reasonably easy access and relatively unspoiled landscapes.

We did a chunk of the Haute Route in 2019 (whoops, nearly said "last year" there) and it was fantastic. We did Salardu to Hospitalet Pres de l'Andorre which is meant to be one of the more remote and logistically challenging bits, but something like Lescun to Gavarnie probably has more scenic wowsers if you've not been to the area before.

It's also reasonably easy to get there without flying, if that matters to you...

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 Mouflon 14 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

I've done a fair few Hut to Hut Treks with extra mountains off-route, some with ropes, some without.

One of my favourites is the Stubai Rucksack Route (Horseshoe) in Austria, stopping at some huts for 2 nights to do mountains like the Wilde Freiger.

Excellent area, huts great with draught german beer.

For planning treks, Kev Reynolds 'Cicerone Book 'Trekking in the Alps' is well worth looking at, then get the appropriate Cicerone (or other) guide of the trek.

If you need more detail of the Stubai trek, email me. I've still got our plan showing the travel, huts and planned summits. 

 John Gresty 14 Feb 2021
In reply to Mouflon:

I did enjoy the Stubai Circuit, trying to stay as high as possible all the way round.


 Martin Bennett 14 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

If your scrambling might include via ferrate have a look at the Brenta Dolomites via ferrata Bocchette Trail. I've always meant to do it but haven't yet.

 Lankyman 14 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

Another vote for the Pyrenees. I've done Lescun to Gavarnie over two successive years but carried a tent. There are huts and I camped close to a few. I got there and back by train. Knocked off a few peaks along the way eg Pic du Midi d'Ossau and Grande Fache.

 tjekel 14 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

Actually, you could use almost any group of the Eastern Alps for your hut to hut walks. According to your earlier outings, glaciers are not a must - you could try almost any stretch of Niedere Tauern. Lots of small lakes, summits between 2000 & 2800m, and an alpine club hut every night. The summits are technically easy, great views most of the time. 

 GRUMPY MONKEY 15 Feb 2021
In reply to tjekel:

I would probably be on my own so would be looking to avoid glaciers. I had heard of the hohe tauren before but not these hills. Googled some pictures, they look nice. Can you recommend an English speaking guidebook for the area. I think either do one in german.

 GRUMPY MONKEY 15 Feb 2021
In reply to Martin Bennett:

Oddly being a climber, I'm not really into via ferratas, other than an odd day here and there. If the terrain can be scrambled without clipping in then I would be interested. Some places have the odd section where "tourists" can clip in....if it's like that then I would consider, but if it's sustained via ferrata, then I'd just get frustrated.

In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

I've not done it, but I really want to do the Lechtaler Hohenweg. It looks like it might fit the bill?

 Mouflon 15 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:


I've tried reply to your email today but keeps getting rejected.

I've also tried the 'email user' option on your profile but still no good.


 tjekel 16 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

Actually you do not really need a guidbook, and I doubt there is one specific guidbook. Part of a (possible) route is described here: Take out a usefull hiking map and you can extend this east cor another three to four days or west for approximately the same distance. Hut are at reasonable intervals. 

 cragtyke 16 Feb 2021
In reply to GRUMPY MONKEY:

This circuit around Zillertal may fit the bill?

Plenty of guides on the Cicerone website for inspiration.

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 GRUMPY MONKEY 17 Feb 2021

Thanks for all the tips. Ordered some maps. Got plenty to keep me busy for the next couple holidays.

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