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CacCarnBeag - on 05 Sep 2018

I have decided to leave my job in November and I am considering travel options anywhere in the world. I'm interested in winter and summer climbing, and skiing (& ski touring). This would be for 7-8 months.

I am looking for some advice on possible places to visit.

My initial thoughts were 2 months rock climbing somewhere. Then spending the rest of the winter skiing, ideally somewhere where there is also good ice climbing.

I wont have any partners so am interested in areas where it is easy to meet people quickly.

Keen on cheap areas as I probably will not work, or will only work a little.

Not keen on Chamonix.

Options I have thought about are, Aosta Valley, Dolomites, US/Canada. I'm sure there are more options though...  

Anybody have any advice or done anything similar?




CurlyStevo - on 05 Sep 2018
In reply to CacCarnBeag:

Novemeber / December Morocco or Canary Islands seem like good choices if you plan to stay in Europe for skiing after that. Asia is a good choice December / Jan but its a long way to go and November can be more problematic.

dunnyg - on 05 Sep 2018
In reply to CurlyStevo:

Canada for the winter? Banff good for skiing and ice climbing, active ice scene, plenty of ice climbers around if you know what you are doing. Then when it all melts drive down to USA to the desert or whatever you fancy for 3 months. If you are wanting to work visas might be an issue. If not then all good! Can go back to squamish when us visa runs out or the rockies or whatever floats your boat. 

mchardski - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to CacCarnBeag:

La Grave ticks all your boxes.  Don't necessarily read to much into the hype or be put off by superlative americans bigging it up. If you can ski steepish bumpy black runs in a whiteout, willing to learn, respect the mountain and be humbled, and generally arn't an eedjit, then you're good to go skiing wise.  If you cant ski bumpy black runs then you could ski Le Chazelet which is cheap as chips for a season pass and although very limited will get you snowtime.  

Paying for a few days guided skiing with either Snowlegend or Skiers Lodge on arrival is a smart move, 'cos you will make some freinds in addition to learning the way around. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.