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pyrrho101 - on 10 Apr 2014
With loads of options for studios online for Masouri, Armeos or Myrties, I was wondering if anyone could personally recommend one that they have stayed in? I'm not looking for simply the cheapest. Thanks!
matiamallia - on 10 Apr 2014
In reply to pyrrho101:

It would depend on what kind of accommodation you need , whether you will be hiring a scooter or car , if you want to have a swimming pool , breakfast etc. I would recommend something in Armeos . Its quieter than Massouri and closer to much more crags compare to Massouri and Myrties.Saying that Massouri is just round the corner from Armeos.
David Bibby on 11 Apr 2014
In reply to pyrrho101:

Am writing this from the balcony of an Aegean Homes apartment in Masouri. Lovely view of Telendos, and super handy for all the bars and restaurants whilst being just off the end of the strip, so peaceful when you want to sleep. Stavros the owner is lovely and helpful, and the rooms are clean and although basic, perfectly good - fridge, coffee machine and wifi, so can't complain as all my needs are met. At E10 per person per night it's excellent value. As the previous poster said though, it's further from the crags than some places, but a good walk/bike warms you up nicely!

Frank the Husky - on 11 Apr 2014
In reply to pyrrho101: Tina's Studios (google it) are very good and straightforward, a few hundred yards from the main climbers' centre.

matiamallia - on 12 Apr 2014
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Eleni's studios are also decent and simple clean rooms in massouri centre but up on the hill a bit so a bit quieter tha the rooms that are placed just off the main can it through kalymnosbookings.
Serena Lambre on 13 Apr 2014
In reply to pyrrho101:

Hi Pyrrho,

Just returned from my 3rd visit this morning!
Cannot recommend Hotel Philoxenia highly enough.

It is located at the foot of Grande Grotta, so location could not be more perfect. Cuts out the need for a scooter, as so many crags are walkable from there.

Nikolas (owner) was born and raised in the hotel, so knows everything about the island and the area and can sort out any problems for you. He is also unusually high-tech for a Greek, so has access to web info other proprietors may not.

Views are spectacular both sides and the hotel is clean and cool and has 24 hour hot water (which is actually unusual on Kalymnos).

Only downside is that Wi-Fi is only available in the lobby/bar area, but not in the rooms.!/pageHome

Also - Neil Gresham has been staying there every year for the last ten years, so that says a lot!!

full stottie on 13 Apr 2014
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Another recommendation for Tina's studios - stayed there last year, very happy with the accommodation, price and great views.
pyrrho101 - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to pyrrho101:

Thank you all very much.

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