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 Arbu 11 May 2022

I'm thinking of going to Turkey to climb Mt. Ararat in late June. Most operators seem to run a bit later - July and August. But I found one company with a tour that suits my dates -

Anyone have any experience of this company? Is late June OK? The trip is mighty cheap.


Edit: Also I guess it's a bit early for trekking in the Kackar Mountains?

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OP Arbu 12 May 2022

No reply from Two Ararat. It seems that it is possible in June - this company is running trips

Except they are Russian. I've been with them before, but there might be some awkward conversations with them now.

OP Arbu 14 May 2022

Strange. The Foreign Office says Ararat is closed But plenty of operators offering trips.

 Big Steve 15 May 2022
In reply to Arbu:

That seems very cheap, particularly considering the economic situation in Turkey. I done Ararat in June about 7 years ago and paid more than that for basics only. June was very nice. Snow on top and lush green pastures lower down. You may not have enough time to get your permit now though.

OP Arbu 09:26 Tue
In reply to Big Steve:

The price seems to be what Turkish people pay - (5250 TL is €315). But I've just got the Lonely Planet guide (May 22) and it says that permits ceased to be issued in 2016 (just after your trip I suppose) and, while tour operators do take people up, it is still technically illegal, and some climbers have even faced prison terms. Starting to think I might give it a miss.

 Big Steve 17:38 Tue
In reply to Arbu:

I went with they are still taking bookings for this summer. Its a great trip, if you can go then do it, dont worry about any Foreign Office warnings or anything else, very safe. 

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