/ Oppdal winter accommodation suggestions

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Phil Tucker - on 08:23 Wed

Thinking of going here next winter so would appreciate any suggestions for a group of about 6. 

Someone else has already suggested Granmo camping.

Thanks Phil 

mrjamesdawson on 08:39 Wed
In reply to Phil Tucker:

Magalaupe Camping is about 10 minutes south of Oppdal, great cabins. Another option is just hitting Airbnb as there's a few options round there, recently spent a night at Reinheim with some Aussies who were heading up to Oppdal and had no accommodation booked - they managed to find somewhere last minute on Airbnb I think near the station.


Great area, not sure how long you're there for but I saw Reindeer and Musk Oxen South West of Oppdal in the Åmotsdalen area which is pretty cool to explore.

dave_strachan - on 10:14 Wed
In reply to Phil Tucker:

Touch base with the kit shop in town- should be able to help out.

wbo - on 11:46 Wed
In reply to Phil Tucker:start scouting around on .  Holiday accomodation, hytte are listed on there, more so than Airbnb


GarethSL on 12:04 Wed
In reply to Phil Tucker:

Depending on the standard you want, air bnb is the best for apartment style accommodation.

There's luxury stuff at the ski slopes but it gets pricy.

Granmo, Magalaupe and Driva Hytter are the go to places for weekenders. Driva Hytter is the cheapest, but so far Magalaupe has proved to offer the best value. Granmo closed their cheaper apartments this winter and have only been offering expensive new huts, may be different next year tho. The owners at Granmo also have the motel in town (Oppdal Gjestetun) which was recently renovated and a bit experimental at present. 

These are all well suited to Drivdalen, but if conditions are very good and you're after something big then there is trollheimsporten and breesgard camping on the way to Gjøra and Sunndalen that might be worth looking at for all round flexibility.

Drop me a PM if you want any more info

JuneBob on 13:59 Wed
In reply to Phil Tucker:

Another option, right in the centre. If it's for ice climbing, Gareth will most likely have the best info. For skiing, then I have a whole bunch of other suggestions.

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