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Emilysaladfingers 06 Oct 2019

Hey guys,

we're heading away for a three month trip, were just going to visit Spain but now we think why not go to Portugal as well, can anyone recommend any especially good areas? We are getting ferry to the north of Spain and eventually will head to Costa Blanca / Valencia region so really any part of Portugal that is good is a potential!  I do fancy the area are Lisbon.... 

Also wondered if anyone can recommend a decent guide? 

thanks in advance  

Richard Wheeldon 06 Oct 2019
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... published in 2017 and should be available in many / most of the good independents... Outside, Needle Sports, V12, Joe Brown etc, etc...

petegunn 06 Oct 2019
In reply to Richard Wheeldon:

+1 for the guide mentioned above. 

Have a look on here for photos and topos to whet the appetite:


Only climbed around Lisbon but the sport routes on the granite slabs under Moorish Castle are worth a visit. The sport on the coast is good but the newish crack climbing spot of Casal Pianos is superb. The bouldering around Lisbon is also good but some areas are a little mossy. As well as the mountain areas the coastal bouldering is worth a visit also at Baio do Mexilhoeiro.

The climbing area in the north looks amazing if you like crack climbing and there is also the DWS in the south.

The surf is obviously good too

Good little overview of the areas here:


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HakanT 06 Oct 2019
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I’ve been to Portugal a few times. This trip report may be useful: 



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