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rapsodia - on 19 Jul 2017
V late onto this but... my advice to OP below on forum or anyone similar:

Get text books (incl dictionaries), get over to somewhere you really really want to go to in Spain or Hispanic place, get a car, a local mobile, get on the net/to meeting places/put up adds/ask about and find locals to climb with. Use your initiative and interact, try and go native.

ESPECIALLY if you have no Spanish or other MFL level DO NOT DO A COURSE, as such. Sure theres good, great and bad MFL courses, but that is all they ever are, courses. To begin with, there is no substitute for actually getting out and getting through the fear barrier of saying those first basic foreign words, getting laughed at, feeling embarresed, stuttering, trying again (and seeing if you actually like Spanish and the Spanish too). Doing that is even more relevant to beginners, as best to get through that yourself first and then do courses at a higher up and more useful level. In learning to speak a MFL, there is nothing worse than being afraid, bit like as in climbing.

Never give out advice unless qualified. I have a BSc (First Hons) French and Spanish from a top UK Uni. Worked a decade in translation and another decade or so in MFL teaching.

FYI I climb at about HVS/F6b, I did precisely what I advise above about 15 years ago on holiday in Spain, with great success. I notice the OP had a much higher level than me. Do get a car plus local mobile though. My paricular recommendation, Mula, Murica.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.