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bairdch 03 Jun 2019

I've just gotten back from a few days sport climbing and bouldering in Lower Silesia, Poland (Sokoliki and Rudawy Janowickie). I'd rate this location 5/5 for a few reasons.

First, there are 100's of excellent routes densely packed (from 4 up to 8b; mostly granite).

Second, it is extremely cheap (beer is approx £1 a pint).

Third, the scenery is breathtaking. 

While some of the crags are a little busy on the weekends, during the week we had many all to ourselves.

One of the highlights was climbing the 26m route 'Power of Love' (6c) on 'Skalny Most,' a stunning rock bridge. I didn't get it clean, but I'm not much of a crusher and I've been climbing less than a year.

Anyway, I made a very short film about our recent trip so you'll get some idea of how beautiful it is. Definitely, a place to consider visiting!


Sokoliki - Krzyzna Gora

ElBarto 03 Jun 2019
In reply to bairdch:

I was wondering how you gone on with the guidebooks for the area? From what I understand there's no English version? Was it much of a problem?

bairdch 09 Jun 2019
In reply to ElBarto:

Hi there. Sorry I took so long to write back! 

You're right, the guidebooks are in Polish only. There's two for the region. 

One for Sokoliki: http://www.kletterfuehrer.net/Sport-Climbing-Guidebook/Poland/Gory-Sokole::998.html?language=en

One for Rudawy Janowickie: http://www.kletterfuehrer.net/Sport-Climbing-Guidebook/Poland/Rudawy-Janowickie::848.html?language=en

I have both of these guidebooks and they are absolutely fantastic. Extremely well illustrated and very easy to navigate. Importantly, they embed grade converters into them, so it's easy to convert Polish grades into UK sport climbing grades.

I should add, I speak a total of about 5 words in Polish: "yes," "no", "thanks," "good day." Despite this, I found the guidebooks very useful. The main crags and routes are easy to locate. 

Let me know if you'd like to see some pictures of the guidebook or something. 

Best wishes,


Alex Riley 09 Jun 2019
In reply to bairdch: 

There is also a decent app for climbing in Poland, I can't remember what it's called but I used it lots last time I was there.

bairdch 11 Jun 2019
In reply to Alex Riley:

This website is also good!

(I think there might be an app for it too, but I haven't used the app)

ElBarto 13 Jun 2019
In reply to bairdch:

Thanks for the replies everyone .

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