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AJM - on 13 Nov 2012
Which outcrops are the ones to go at? Say V4-7.

I've played on the Fandango stuff at Bowles before and done a problem or two down at the North Boulder at Harrison's, but not much else.

In particular, what's Stone Farm and the stuff near there like in that range (my other query atm about Dorking should suggest why!)?
nniff - on 13 Nov 2012
In reply to AJM:

Green and waterlogged at the moment (and most of the summer)
AJM - on 13 Nov 2012
In reply to nniff:

Oh I figured as much, dont worry. I'm maybe going to be based there for a few months next spring/summer, by which time it might be in better condition - it was a more query based on optimal conditions rather than on the delights of the uk winter...
CurlyStevo - on 13 Nov 2012
In reply to AJM:
You climb harder than I do, but theres a lot of quality boulering at high rocks. Probably more than any other venue.
Robin Mazinke - on 14 Nov 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo:
High Rocks is the best bouldering and routes in the area, but can take a while to come into condition. The other issue with High Rocks is access - currently £10 per day (or part day i.e. evening) which is a bit too pricey for a one-off visit but £40 for an annual season ticket is ok if you can get there often enough to make use of it - and it's anyone's guess what the weather will do during your time in the area (or the preceding month or two).

Stone Farm and Bowles (particularly) dry the quickest, Bowles is more extensive than Stone Farm but both have some good routes and problems in your grades. If the weather is good enough there'll be people out to join in with at most of the main crags most Tues, Weds and Thurs evenings during the summer, either bouldering or top-roping.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.