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petesdavies - on 30 Apr 2007

I'm going to Taghia in Morocco on wednesday. Does anybody have any useful advice for getting there from Marrakech? Any info gratefully received.

Ian McNeill - on 01 May 2007
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and email Twid or Louise for more information
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The whole journey takes about a full day - we did it in an evening then most of the following day.

We just took a grand taxi from the airport to Azilal (a few hours maybe 4?)

Then you need a 4x4 type vehicle to take you over the passes to Zauaira (about 3-4 hours?)(spelling a guess - but it's spelt differently on every map and sign!).

Then you need to carry your stuff or get some donkeys and hike in to Taghia - not too far, a couple of hours, maybe a little more.

We stayed over in Azilal which meant we didn't have to walk up to the village in darkness.

I have maps, topo's etc.

Which routes are you planning on doing? Some of the routes there are amongst the best I've ever climbed.

You can get everything you need food-wise in Taghia, there is a tiny shop which they will open for you if you ask Said.

Good luck.
petesdavies - on 01 May 2007
Thanks for the link Ian, I'll email Twid.

Thanks for the info as well Crippin that's helpful. I'm not sure about routes yet. I don't have much fitness at the moment, so we'll start with something easy and see how it goes. I found lots of topos and maps from this website:

and I've got a coffee table book by Piola thats got some routes in it.

Any routes that you'd recommend at around 6c-7b...
In reply to petesdavies: Email me through the site if you have any questions.

Routes 6c - 7b? Most of the good ones are sort of top end in that range I'd say but Canyon Apache 6c+/7a ish and about 300m is very good. Riviere Pourpre is the one to go for at that sort of grade, lots of 7a/+ and a pitch of 7b+ at the top.

The bolts are good and not too run out, loads of bolts on the hard bits.

I'm jealous!
petesdavies - on 02 May 2007
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Thanks again for the advice. Riviere Poupre sounds like the one to go for once we've got going. I can't wait!

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