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davis - on 01 Nov 2012
Im planning a trip to Tasmania in December 2012 and needed some beta on the crags around Hobart and Launceton and Coles Bay! Does anyone have internet links? What is the free camping like in these areas?
abcdefg - on 01 Nov 2012
Theeni - on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to davis:

Was out there last November but wasn't climbing just touring so can steer on the free camping. We hired a small motorhome and only paid for camping at Coles bay, which wasn't much. Around that area and the Totem Pole you would have to pay as it was all parkland but around the rest of the island you could certainly motorhome it for free.

We did walk down to the Totem Pole: you need a seperate, long, ab rope and I'd want better than prussiks for getting back up, it is difficult to see beyond that but the partial view I got looked awesome.

We went there as part of a longer trip and not sure what your circumstances are but we decided to hire a motorhome rather than hire a car and camp as the flexibility was much better, it was more comfortable and we wouldn't have to use excess baggage to bring the camping equipment over.

Whilst not climbing in Tasmania we did go to Arapiles on the mainland which is the Mecca over there and the weather is a lot better too!

barney800 on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to abcdefg: thesarvo is where it's at. I'm heading to Tassie for Christmas as well (to Freycinet - looks amazing) and got the selective guide for the whole state. To be honest though, the guide on thesarvo is better, so I'd consider just printing out the relevant pages from there.
davis - on 01 Nov 2012
Thanks Bros the link to thesarvo is great!
cornishben - on 02 Nov 2012
In reply to davis:
you could have a read of an article I wrote about a trip there a few years back >>

admittedly there's no detailed info there, but gives a taster!

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