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PhilWS on 11 Jan 2018

Just wondered if anyone had any info regarding these locations. I am aware that there were some possible restrictions at some point in the past due to bolt failures but can't seem to find anything current on the FFME or forums over in France.

May just be my bad french, but if you can point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful.

Also if anyone had any idea where I could get hold of the topo - Route de la grimpe vol 2 that would be superb! 



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GrahamD - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to PhilWS:

Hi Phil, we climbed in Gorges de Gouleyrous (Tauteval) last summer and there were plenty of other climbers there.  Although there have been regional restrictions in place officially I've never known any problems at this particular venue.  Further NE Vingrau (a much more impressive venue) and Opoul (very sheltered from the wind) have had far more chequered recent history and to be honest I'm not sure right now what access is like.  I thought it was OK again but I've not climbed there for a few years and haven't seen signs of activity.

I got the area guidebooks from a general gift shop place in Tauteval village (on the RHS as you enter the village from Vingrau).

PhilWS on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to GrahamD:

Thanks for the info.  I thought that seemed to be the case but couldn't be sure. 

Andrew Lodge - on 11 Jan 2018
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The restrictions at Vingrau and Tautavel have now been lifted, there is a large sign at Vingrau detailing this. I don't think anything has been done with the suspect bolting though.

We climbed at Tautavel in October and everything seemed fine, lots of locals there as well.

As for guides they are sometimes available at the tabac in Tautavel or at a bar in Vingrau, sorry can't rememeber the name but it is on the junction where you turn off to Tautavel. I have also seen them for sale in Decathlon on the indestrial estate just north of Perpignan but not recently.

I had a conversation with a local in October who told me a new guide is under production for the whole area but he wasn't sure when it was due out.

Have fun, lots of great climbing around there.

PhilWS on 12 Jan 2018
In reply to Andrew Lodge:

Thanks for the info.  Would explain why I couldn't find anything!

TimB - on 16 Jan 2018
In reply to PhilWS:

The Tautavel Office de Tourisme site has an ESCALADE section (click on Manifestation & Loisirs to find it)

There are lists of routes and you can download this as a simplified topo (no diagrams) from s a small "cliquer ici" link on this page

They mention that the site has been re-equipped, and as mentioned above that they plan to produce a full topo guide.

Don't think Maury has been officially reopened. Still shown as "interdit" in the FFME annuaire and on ClimbingAway.

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PhilWS on 19 Jan 2018
In reply to TimB:

Thanks a lot - very useful site! 

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