/ Tuolumne Meadows - Climbing in Ocotober?

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Simonj - on 07 Feb 2013
Hi Guys,

Heading to the states in October, is Tuolumne Meadows still generally ok weather wise for climbing in early October??


cat22 - on 07 Feb 2013
In reply to Simonj: We've been there mid September and it was still pretty hot in the sun, chilly in the shade though. The campground and shop close in late September, which could make logistics difficult. Perfect temperatures in the Valley
Simon Caldwell - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to Simonj:

The Tioga Pass road usually closes in November - so presumably the first snows are earlier than this?

When we went about 5 years ago we left on 20th September, when it was cold enough that there was no water available at the camp ground due to frozen pipes. Though during the day it was still shorts and T shirts weather.

The shop closed the day after we left, I think the camp site closed the following weekend.
Micky J - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to Simonj: Unpredictable ! had to bail to Tuolumne in October as it was way to hot in the valley ...was perfect though it can change daily !
GridNorth - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to death drop: That was also my experience, indeed the year that we last visited in October the big wall routes were not getting any ascents at all as teams were running out of water very early.
Mark Collins - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to Simonj: I went to Yosemite in October a few years ago. About a week in, there was a massive storm that made the valley very wet, and higher up, i.e. Tuolumne closed to traffic. It also killed a couple of Japanese on El Cap. I had planned to go up to Tuolumne in my second week, but when the storm hit I decided to go to Joshua Tree instead. It was a little bit better there. From what I can gather it seems Tuolumne seems to be a good place to go in the summer to escape the heat of the valley.
geomac - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to Simonj:

Tuolumne's perfect end of year season is generally around September.
after that, it's a question of how rapidly the storms begin to roll in.
October is often fine but can be colder as Tuolumne is at altitude.
Last time I was there in September, a couple of years ago my water bottle froze solid over night, so prepare for low night time temps in camp but climbing temperatures were on the high side.
It can sometimes feel quite chilly if the wind picks up.

As I said, the farther into October you get the more chance of catching a storm. That storm may well bring a lot of snow that high up, when Yosemite Valley is still hot and dry. At least you always have the option of bailing to Yosemite if there is bad weather up there.

Also, be aware that, if electing to going in September you can only stay 7 nights total in the park, by any means, up until around the 15th. - unless you've learned the Park Warden cat and mouse tricks o the trade!! ;-)
If you're going in October there will be no issues there.
Other than that, the climbing in both venues is excellent! Enjoy.
Simonj - on 08 Feb 2013
In reply to geomac:

Thanks everyone, some really useful tips. Think Im gonna save Tuolumne for another trip! Red recks and Utah sound a better bet in October


kenr - on 08 Feb 2013
> water bottle froze at night

Yes my memory is that the critical problem with trying to climb at Tuolumne much after September is not the daytime temperatures, rather night temperatures for camping.
Worse than protecting your water supply is that it gets too cold to feel comfortable sitting out in the evening talking, so everybody has to retreat into their tents and sleeping bags. And of course getting started in the morning ...

If you have some sort of camping trailer (or full camping vehicle) where you and buddies can sit inside around some sort of table in the evening -- that could make it more possible to keep going up at Tuolumne into late September.

? but October ?


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