/ Where to stay in a November Mallorca trip?

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russtyg - on 18 Oct 2012
Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are heading to Mallorca for the middle two weeks of November and are wondering where to base ourselves.

We will be renting a car.

Does anyone have experience of Mallorca in November? We would like a base that has a good selection of restaurants and bars for apres climb. We would also like to be relatively close to the following:

Crags we are most interested in (for some easy 5/6a routes):
Sa Gubia
Port Soller

We were thinking of Palma, but that is not so close to the crags, leading to a longer drive in.

Bunyola seems an obvious choice geographically but does it have any restaurants/bars open in November?

Deia and Soller also look good but again, any boozing places?

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.


Wiley Coyote2 - on 18 Oct 2012
In reply to russtyg:

Should start by saying I've not climbed in Mallorca for a while but had a spell of going there every December. The main things we found were that because the climbing was so spread out (Calvia to Crevetta and Satanyi)that no matter where we stayed we did a lot of driving and that it was important to find somewhere that still had a bit of life going on. (One year we stayed in Santa Ponca in what seemed to be the only building with lights on. Everywhere seemed to have steel shutters down. Very depressing.)
The two spots we found that worked for us were Palma Nova and Porta Pollensa.
As I say, you'll have to do a bit of driving to your crags but, hey, it's a pretty island and the roads are good, but there are bars and restaurants and it's got to be better than Megaruff!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.