~1 week nepal trek recommendations (June-Sept)

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 Will_Woof 10 Feb 2024

My partner and I are planning a Nepal trekking/travel trip for ~2 weeks sometime between June and end of September, and was hoping for some trekking recommendations. We’re keen for a ~1 week trek, we’ve been scouring trekking guides but are frankly overwhelmed by the choice!

I guess the primary constraints are 

a) has to been between june and september, despite monsoon season

b) we’re students, so saving where possible and appropriate

c) we’re more interested in the cultural/natural side of Nepal than climbing-based sights (such as EBC)

d) also less popular areas preferred

Advice found so far seems to point towards rainshadow areas, although those areas also tend to coincide with expensive restricted area permit fees (also, perhaps a generalisation, but rainshadow areas online look very arid and not particularly nice to look at…?)

Thanks everyone for any advice, really appreciate it

(As a side, we also intend to hire a guide. We are not experienced enough to trek alone, we should support their economy and have no desire to break the law)

 seankenny 10 Feb 2024
In reply to Will_Woof:

Quick question, are you definitely going to Nepal? I ask because although I’ve not been there in monsoon season, I’ve been elsewhere in the subcontinent during the rains and, whilst personally I like them, I wouldn’t say it’s a great season for getting lots of things done in a short timescale. Stuff breaks a lot, travel is difficult, increased risk of dengue, it can just be really really wet… 

In June to September both Pakistan and northern India are in prime season and are amazing for trekking. By the sounds of it Pakistan might not be ideal for you but Ladakh probably would be and it’s great. Super interesting Buddhist culture, beautiful scenery, very good trekking and it’s easy to get guides/horsemen. 

I would as a general pierce of advice go for a bit longer than two weeks if at all possible, particularly if it’s your first time in South Asia. You could easily get sick for five days and lose over a third of your trip. The plane ticket is the most expensive bit so after that adding an extra week on is not a big deal. 

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OP Will_Woof 13 Feb 2024
In reply to seankenny:

Not committed to Nepal, anythign with "Super interesting Buddhist culture, beautiful scenery, very good trekking" is ideal - Ladakh sounds great!

Will look at a longer than 2 weeks trip if possible, good to know

Thanks Sean that was super helpful

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