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 robgixer 19 Mar 2024

Does any one have any experience with any companies in Kathmandu that can provide permits and organising logistical help. 

We would be looking at porters to base camp, potentially just a tea house and permits.

If anyone has any recommendations that they have used, it would be good to have some first hand knowledge.


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Buy the brilliant guidebooks by David Ways and then email him asking him your question. He'll give you all the advice you need and will point you to some reputable local companies. That way your money stays in Nepal, and the guidebooks are great.

OP robgixer 19 Mar 2024
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Thanks for the information.

Looks like the guidebooks are based around trekking and we would be looking at permits required for climbing peaks, but I'm sure he would be of some help. 

 Damo 19 Mar 2024
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It really depends what type of peak you are doing. Most agents in Ktm will be able to organise a peak off the Trekking Peak list, via the NMA.

Organising an Expedition Peak is another story, even more so if it's not one of the popular half-dozen or so - AmaDablam, Manaslu, Himlung, Baruntse, Putha Hiunchuli etc.

Either of these now officially require a 'guide' to be on your trip, maybe in addition to having a Sirdar. Whether the guide actually goes or does anything will be up to you and the agency.

There's no money/margin for agencies in the bare bones budget climbing expedition to a non-standard peak. They leverage off other resources for most of their trips and make margins off cooking, lodges, transport etc. So many agencies now are reluctant to do anything less than a fully guided, two-cooks, all meals BC etc.

If you want to go to a more remote, maybe unclimbed, peak then you really need to choose your agency carefully, based on good references and proven track record - regardless of what they or their website says. 80%+ of Ktm agencies will be useless for this. Best to contact the actual climbers who went to the area you want to visit and ask them direct.

Getting porters in remote areas is a real issue now, due to the economics of Nepal. Some expeds bus their own porters from proven groups in Ktm. There are fewer people in remote villages to porter and even fewer who know where to go.

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 Kimberley 21 Mar 2024
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I've used them many times over the years

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