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Tam O'Bam - on 13 Sep 2017
Excuse my ignorance; Can anyone advise on weather conditions I can expect around 3rd week of October in Chamonix. I'm thinking of a bit of glacier walking (will they be dry or snow-covered!), some high-level walking and also some low-level trad/bolted rock climbing. I'm travelling alone, but hope to be able to hook-up with friends in Chamonix. (I also wondered about the possibility of practicing snow-holing close to the top cable car stations, or is this thoroughly frowned on? (I don't want to upset the locals). Am I being excessively Naiive??!! Any advice welcome, thanks.
99ster - on 14 Sep 2017
In reply to Tam O'Bam:

You could be pretty well into Alpine winter conditions at that time in October, with much colder temperatures and lots of snow - so the glaciers will be 'wet' (snow covered) and travelling across them is a very tricky proposition (very dangerous as a solo traveller!) because of the danger of falling into a hidden crevasse. High level walking will require a high awareness of the danger of avalanches, etc. The cable cars will be closed - so if you're prepared to climb all the way up to the top of them there won't be anybody around to care if you're snow holing nearby.

You can get information on conditions online here:
Jeff Ingman - on 14 Sep 2017
In reply to 99ster:

I've been there a few times in mid-October, mostly to climb icy couloirs high up. I've been fortunate because the winter snow hadn't arrived so we could get about on foot without snow shoes or skis - but a couple of early winter snow falls would have changed that. Whilst a good snow fall would help your snow holing ambitions, it would also make conditions very dangerous for solo travelling and I wouldn't recommend going on the glaciers alone in October. The range will not be busy, and as 99 mentions above, the cable cars may close at short notice, especially mid week.

I hope that you enjoy it......Jeff
Tam O'Bam - on 14 Sep 2017
In reply to Tam O'Bam:

Thanks for the advice. Whilst I MIGHT consider a solo walk on a dry glacier (even then a bit dodgy), I definitely wouldn't dream of going alone on a wet glacier or without rope and crevasse rescue gear. A bit of a hike to get above the snow (and tree!) line for snow-holing, but might be good exercise!! Sounds like I might have to stick to the low level crags. There's a nice one at Valorcines that I've been to before. All dependent on meeting up with my mates (who are still swithering)! Still, I can practice my French for "why is the water so cold in the swimming pool".........

Thanks again.
BruceM - on 14 Sep 2017
Pourquoi est-ce que l'eau dans la piscine très frois ?

My bumbly attempt.
Tam O'Bam - on 14 Sep 2017
In reply to BruceM:

Merde, mes couilles sont devenues des petits-pois!!

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