/ EHIC + AAC Travel Insurance: How good is it?

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jamiegardiner - on 29 Nov 2016
Hi All,

Currently planning a trip to Rjukan in Norway, and turning once again to the expensive question of insurance.

In the past I have normally just signed up to a BMC Alpine package, however, at £50 a week this is hardly cheap.

As a member of the Austrian Alpine Club, it occurred to me that using an EHIC card in conjunction with the AAC basic insurance (which incl. up to 10,000EUR on medical costs) might provide equivalent cover.

However, on further investigation, the NHS and Foreign Office websites appeared ambiguous about the exact perimeters of EHIC protection.

Put simply, does anyone have experience using the AAC + EHIC combination?


rj_townsend on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to jamiegardiner:

The main advantage of AAC cover is that it covers search as well as rescue, whereas most policies cover only rescue.

Around Rjukan I'd surmise that you're unlikely to need the search element of this insurance as navigation and pinpointing the location of any incident is relatively easy.

Does the EHIC definitely cover Norway?

Hope that helps.
Andrew Lodge - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to jamiegardiner:

My friend and I had an accident in Chamonix this summer, 500 foot fall from the Cosmiques arete.

Helicopter rescue to hospital in Sallanches

I broke my wrist and had surgery that day, also half a dozen broken ribs and 20 stitches in my leg, 3 days in hospital and then a new flight home as I had missed mine.

He broke three bones in his back and an ankle, again surgery in France, a week in hospital then air ambulance home with doctor and nurse to accompany him.

We both had EH1C and AAC, worked perfectly and no quibble about any of the costs, EH1C picked up 90% and insurance needed for the other 10%.

Just make sure your EH1C hasn't expired, his had and it caused a fair bit of extra paperwork but it was sorted in the end.
IPPurewater on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to jamiegardiner:

I don't think the AAC insurance is travel insurance. It does cover rescue though, which I think is free in Norway in most cases.

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