Everest Base Camp and Island Peak March/April 2024

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 Ewol Mullac 08 Jun 2023

Hello, I am new to this but here it goes.

In 2024 im booked with The Adventure People to go to EBC and Island peak. Originally it started out as me and my girlfriend just hiking to EBC but something inside of me wanted to go a little further and summit a local mountain. I’ve never used fixed ropes. I’ve hiked Ben Macdui in snow using crampons but that’s about it. My girlfriend isn’t so sure on the trip anymore which is fine I always knew it was more of a me thing. She originally said she’d go to base camp but no higher which is fine. But now I think she’s having cold feet about the expedition so I might be going the whole trip alone. Which is a big deal with my social anxiety but my plan is to do this whilst I’m 27. 

Any Advice would be appreciated! I’ve been told I can hire stuff in Nepal, but with someone for anxiety that uncertainty isn’t great. I’m probably going to buy boots and a sleeping bag from the U.K I keep researching but going round in circles. Harnesses etc im happy to hire when I’m there. 

Look forward to hearing from you all 

Thank you!  Callum 

 OG 17 Jun 2023
In reply to Ewol Mullac:

Hi Callum

Sorry hear about the anxiety, I know that’s tough.

You will probably need different things for EBC trek vs Island Peak and you may be able to hire. I would start by asking the company you are booked with your Qs about kit and whether you can rent directly from them (/if they can arrange it for you). I expect the can as that’s what these companies are there for. It should be less stressful if they can sort you out, and also give you the certainty over what else to take (usually they have a decent kit list and can answer Qs on specific items etc).

Then, for whatever you do decide to buy, if you’re feeling anxious, I suspect you would feel less stressed having it before you fly out. It’s easy to go round in circles with online information so would suggest going to a good outdoor shop for your decisions on what to get.

But first you probably need to decide together with your gf whether one or both or neither are going, and if you’re going to do on let EBC or Island Peak too! If she is nervous about Island Peak maybe EBC only could be a good compromise and it’s meant to be an amazing experience. It would probably also be less stressful, not in terms of the climb so much as the logistics/prep. It’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive, but overall it’s meant to be fun and exciting - so trusting your feelings on this is likely to be a good guide.

hope this helps and best of luck!

 mountainbagger 17 Jun 2023
In reply to Ewol Mullac:

Hi, I went on a similar trip a few years ago. My girlfriend came too and coped with expedition life and the altitude better than I did to be honest! My friend's girlfriend also came and was not pleased about being there at all, but she was a trooper, got used to the whole thing and we all summitted with no drama.

I get very anxious when doing anything new, particularly things which involve logistics and several steps (packing, airports, transfers) to even get started. Once we got walking, the anxiety evaporated, I was very relaxed, enjoyed every minute of it, was far more chatty than my normal introverted self. We had a great group and all the hassle of living out of a tent high on a mountain didn't feel like hassle at all. It was amazing. It was like taking a break from my usual anxious self for 3 weeks!

Personally, whilst it may make sense to hire stuff out there, I didn't as I wanted as little to worry about as possible before I left. Everything got used again on other trips, and can also easily be sold if you don't need it anymore.

Our trip was Mera Peak which I believe is technically slightly easier than Island Peak but it is higher. It was very cold and some people failed to summit because they didn't have warm enough boots or gloves, so don't take a chance on that! The company you're going will give you the advice you need though.

If you're worried about the technical side, crampons, axes, harnesses etc, try a winter skills course in the UK over this winter or just get out winter walking with your gear and practice using it (somewhere safe!).

Hope you have a great time...I'm jealous! And if your girlfriend is reading this, do it too! It'll be an amazing experience and not as hard as you think

 Brass Nipples 17 Jun 2023
In reply to Ewol Mullac:

Base camp to Island Peak summit and back was only a long day when I did it 30 years ago.   Does the company offer an option without the Island Peak summit day?  She could stay in base camp whilst you do it, else she could stay in Chukung till you return.  

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