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Halfed on 05 Aug 2013 -
Hey there,

I am 39 yo named Alexandre Vidal and I live in South of Brazil.
I do love fishing and every year I jet up to the Amazon with some friends in a fishing trip for peacock bass. My last fishing:

But now and to add my wife in some adventures, who does not like fishing, I am planning a trekking in the same region I used to go fishing.
It is in Barcelos, Amazonas, and the idea is to climb to the highest waterfall in Brazil called "Cachoeira do El Dorado" in the Serra do Araca.
The trip starts in Barcelos and takes about 2 days by aluminium boats to reach the spot where the trekking begins. I think 5 or 6 days are needed to climb and get the waterfall and come back to the boat. So it is a trip of 9 or 10 days. The idea is that each one brings their own gear, food, cleaning water, tents, rucksacks and so far. Only for the trekking.
I am not sure when we will do that, but probably August 2014. There are 2 main seasons in that region: wet and dry. August is kind of a limit between them for that trip in order to go further by boat, before the level of the waters start to be lower.
I would like to gather a group of 6 people for that expedition, preferentially couples (man and woman), I do not want my wife as the only girl in the trip.

Next month I will go to Barcelos with a friends for my annual fishing trip and I will get more information about that expedition. The guy who is preparing our fishing trip is the same guy who will plan the expedition.
Here is his website and his last expedition to the waterfall with a customer from Norway:

Here is an expedition to that place made for a Brazilian TV Channel.

Also my wife and I will go to visit UK in November and we will go shopping some outdoor gears too.

Thanks for reading and if some of you are interested we can start to talk about it.

Best Regards

Alexandre Vidal
Halfed on 10 Aug 2013 -
In reply to Halfed:
Searching more info on the web I have found this UK Outfitters:

Thought there was no groups going over there regularly, interesting though.

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