/ Mgoun, Atlas Mtns, Morocco

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MarvintheMurky on 15 Sep 2013 -
Hi, having loved a week around Toubkal in Feb 2012 we're planning a week around Mgoun next February.
Has anyone any experience of the area: circular routes 5/6 days: any accomodation to recommend and avoid (we are taking tents too): weather and ground conditions around the summit (we're assuming the grampons will need dusting off: anything of use really for a week in the area.
We are reasonably experienced will Toubkal altitudes and winter trekking etc, the camping out bit will be a new.
Cheers people
Charlie Boscoe - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to MarvintheMurky: Hi. I went to Mgoun last year and loved it - much better than the Toubkal area and really quiet to boot. We walked from Agouti to the Tarkeddit Refuge, having a night at Azib Ikkis on the way. Fantastic walk in, and the villages are totally "untamed" and there's virtually no tourist infrastructure. Walking across the Tarkeddit plateau is a slog but the ridge linking Mgoun and Mgoun West is superb but easy. You'll need crampons and an axe but it's all gentle ground and there's nothing technical unless you go looking for it. A good way of doing it might be going in from Agouti and out to the south to Tararat but I haven't done it. Anyway, brilliant area, enjoy.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.