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One of the classic ice climbs of the Alps, tackling the ice-encrusted north face of Les Courtes, the Swiss Route is an ideal introduction to winter north face climbing. Pitch after pitch of steep ice and neve, weave through jagged rock bands; giving exhilaratingly exposed climbing, interspersed with occasional opportunities for protection. At 'only' 800m in length the route is quite comfortably climbed in a day and this, coupled with the relative lack of objective dangers, place it high on many climbers wish lists.

Jack Geldard reveals all...
Doug on 05 Jun 2008
In reply to Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC: A good article but at least on my PC the first photo is so wide I had to scroll or zoom out to be able to see it & read the text
In reply to Doug: Updated now Doug,


Mark Stevenson - on 05 Jun 2008
In reply to Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC: Hi Jack, the formatting is still a problem.

There is a definite accessibility issue here (and on other articles) when using computers with relatively small screen sizes - e.g. my ASUS EEE PC which is only 800 pixels wide.

Scrolling to view large photographs isn't a problem, but the current coding means that large photos force you have to scroll to read the text. Given that the design on UKC for accessibility is generally superb compared with other sites, this is a bit of a shame.

Unfortunately it's a classic example of a new feature (big photos) causing an unintended consequence. Could you perhaps ask Nick to have a look and see if there is a quick fix.

Cheers, Mark

PS Otherwise another great article - you were spot when you said you have loads of good content lined up.
Gordon Smith on 05 Jun 2008 - whois?
In reply to Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC: Great, and interesting, article, Jack ... but what has happened to all the snow and ice? Those North Faces were fine mixed routes in summer in my day. Now they look bare even in winter! I remember the crux gully on the Swiss Route as being a great big bulge of ice, rather than a long skinny runnel!!
In reply to Mark Stevenson: Hi Mark,

Yes - the initial photo was auto uploaded and came out 1000 pixels wide - which is too wide for some users, so I have now changed that to 800, which is the standard we use for large images in this type of article.

People may want to print these topo articles, which is why we try and keep them as large as possible - but you have a very valid point about accessibility and I'll speak to Nick about it.

By the way - I have emailed you about a different topic.



In reply to Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC: Cool article. I didn't realise it was that 'easy'

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