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JForonda - on 11 Aug 2014
Hi, I'm going to Switzerland for some sport climbing with some friends. Whilst we are there a friend suggested that we should go up the Wildhorn from col de Sanetsch as a single day trek. He insists that the glaciers there retreats over the summer and 'remain scenic' only.

I have found it difficult to find much information on the particular route and would like to know more about the route before agreeing to go for it. Can anyone tell me the difficulty of the route/experience needed and if we need any crampons and axes (my friend insists all I need are my b2 boots) at this time of the year? As for my experience, I have not done any alpine routes, but I do plenty of walking/scrambling all year round in the uk and more recently some Winter walking in Scotland.

Also would a bmc rock policy cover this route or will I need to take out additional cover?
stuart58 - on 11 Aug 2014
In reply to JForonda:

I just goggled wild horn switzerland and it got me onto summit it give info on route etc plus pics. Says axe and crampons useful. U will need alpine insurance for this route. Read all comments on the page. The alps have had loads of snow this year. Good luck

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.