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The Glacier has a well earned reputation amongst experienced mountaineers as reliable and high performance down sleeping bag. Perfect for just about everything except the most serious expeditions. 

Mountain Equipment Glacier 500 Down Sleeping Bag Regular

Brand:Mountain Equipment


Mountain Equipment sleeping bags have been used on expeditions to the worlds highest peaks for the last 50 years so they have a wealth of experience which translates into their range today. The Glacier 500 is a high performance down bag suited to mountaineering and trekking in cold conditions and will cope with sub-zero temperatures and nasty weather. The Glacier range of bags is closely related to M.E's expedition bags sharing the same features that have been developed through experience and exacting testing in the worlds most hostile environments.

Mountain Equipment use Down 725 in the Glacier 500, this is a premium duck down from the very cold North East of China and is collected from ducks that live a truly free-range existence. The birds are sold when they no longer produce eggs or when the market price for eggs drops below the break-even point. The birds are normally around 700 days old when slaughtered, they are then plucked and the down is shipped to the processing plant for cleaning and grading. Because these ducks are older and have lived in a free-range environment and a cold climate the down they produce is of an exceptionally high quality. All Mountain Equipment bags adhere to the Down Codex, a scheme that was developed to ensure that both animal welfare and down quality were put firmly at the heart of each and every one of M.E's down products. The Down Codex is a completely transparent and auditable system to ensure that:

The down used does not come from birds which have been live plucked or live harvested

The down used does not come from birds which have been force-fed

The down used should be from birds which have raised in good conditions and to high standards of animal welfare

The down used should be a by-product of the meat industry and come from birds which have been humanely slaughtered.

Each down product is marked with a 12 digit code that can be entered at the Down Codex website to gain access to the specific information relating to the down source of that product, go to to find out more about how M.E have become the only brand to go beyond accepting written guarantees from down suppliers and to make their audit results and independent quality reports publicly available.

All this ethically produced and high quality down is encapsulated in DRILITE loft II fabric which is exceptionally light and water resistant with a hydrostatic head of 1500mm to protect the down from moisture ingress. A series of technical baffles ensure that the down stays where its needed to achieve the optimum insulation according to the needs of the user. The foot section uses 4 trapezoid baffles to surround your feet with warmth and to minimise weight. The base of the bag uses a sturdy box wall construction with 50g baffle walls for maximum loft in an area that is prone to compression whilst the rest of the bag uses trapezoid offset baffles for stability, loft and to keep the down in place to maximum insulation.

A high percentage of your body heat is lost through your head so Mountain Equipment have developed the DC7 hood which uses 7 baffles to create a truly anatomical shape to surround your head with luxurious warmth. To further optimise insulation M.E have developed the Gemini System that has two overlapping anti-snag draft tubes and a fully integrated neck collar. The collar features a unique top side-wall, attached directly to the bags upper body that maximises loft and eradicates a common cold-spot found on other bags.

Supersoft 20 fabric is used for the lining as it is exceptionally lightweight, highly breathable, downn proof and durable.

No matter how much technology you build into a bag its fundamental shape is critical, if a bag is just too big and baggy it will be inefficient so M.E have used their Mountain Fit for the Glacier 500 that has a semi-tapered profile that combines excellent thermal efficiency with comfort for all-round mountain use.

High quality and ethically sourced Down 725

Down Codex

DRILITE loft II outer fabric

Supersoft 20 inner fabric

DC7 Hood design

Gemini collar

Left hand zip

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Fill Power: 725 Duck Down

Fill Weight: 500g

Total Weight: 1160g

Packed Size: 18cm x 29cm


Comfort Limit:-5°C/23°F

Comfort: 2°C/36°F

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