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boogiepanda 27 Nov 2017

Text summary:

I ordered the tent on the 8th of November and it arrived on the 23rd, taking just 15 days to my house in the UK. The seller provided a tracking number for the tent which worked the whole way up until delivery.

The tent’s specs are accurate to the description. The dimensions are spot on and so are the weight. The flysheet and inner comes in at 840g (including stuff sack), the 9 stakes comes in at 93g making the total package 932g, or right around 2lbs. The supplied stakes are MSR groundhog mini knock offs and seem sturdy enough. I’d hammered them a few times with a rock in my garden and no damage has been done to them.

The tent is seam sealed, and the silnylon sheds water with my back-garden splash test. However, there are a few bar tacked reinforcement points that seems to be added on without seam sealing. I’ve splash tested those areas and water did not get through, but I’d imagine for safety of mind potential buyers may want to seal those points. Also, I found the factory installation of the tie out points to be lacking. At first, I thought I received a faulty product after the tie out came undone when I put up the pole. This is easily fixable through tying on yourself.

The space under the flysheet is very generous, a decent vestibule space for storage of gear and cooking if wanted, and enough space inside the netting for 1 person + backpack. With my inflatable mat at 5’11 (180cm), my feet do touch the netting but my head clears. I think with more practice and a tighter pitch someone who’s 6’ (183cm) should be okay in this tent, but I would hesitate to recommend the tent to anyone who’s taller. Obviously due to the pyramid shape of the netting and the flysheet having a thinner pad (CCF) will accommodate taller people too. There is also a small pouch for storage and a hook on the top.

The pitching itself is easy enough, but the tent didn’t come with instructions. I found staking in the 5 corners then erecting the pole set at 125cm to give the best result. I did need to go over and re-adjust the stakes afterwards, not sure if this is due to design or my lacking skills at pitching the tent.

I haven’t been able to take the tent out for real world test yet, but will be in the upcoming months. I will definitely be following up on this initial impressions/review in the future. I also ordered a few more budget ultralight pieces of gear off AliExpress and I’ll be making reviews on that too.

If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.
TMM 27 Nov 2017
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I've become such a cynic.

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Unsolicited review

Working with or on behalf of the manufacturer/distributor or just trying to boost views to your youtube channel?
boogiepanda 01 Dec 2017
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None of those really. Obviously with regards to boosting views to my YouTube channel it would be a byproduct, surely if the primary purpose was to drive traffic to my channel then I would not have provided a text summary, forcing users to click through on the link?

I Just wanted to share a product that's lacking in reviews that I've had success in. I recommend that you approach reviews with a cynical view including that of mine as reviews are biased and are rooted in personal experience. I'm providing the review as the tent is made by a Chinese manufacturer and it's hard to find information in English on the tent, but as the value proposition of the product is so good I just wanted to bring attention to the product that rivals products much more expensive that itself.

Anyway I'm not here to argue to to convince anyone who's cynical or sceptical, but here to answer any question and help anyone out who's interested in the tent with measurements and data. So if there's anything I can help with feel free to ask
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